Government Chapter 15 S1-3

a large, complex administrative structure that handles the everyday business of an organization.
hierarchical authority
describes any organization structured as a pyramid with a chain of command running from the top of the pyramid and down the sides.
benefits of hierarchical authority
can speed action by reducing conflicts over who has the power and authority to make decisions (the higher the rank of a person in an organization, the more power he has)
job specialization
Each bureaucrat, each person who works from the organization, has certain defined duties and responsibilities. There is a precise division of labor within the organization.
benefits of job specialization
Efficient performance, higher pay, job specialization, knowledge about specific duties, superior results in work environment
formalized rules
The bureaucracy does its work according to a number of established regulations and procedures. Those rules are set out in written form and can be known by all who are involved in that work.
benefits of formalized rules
Decisions are based on known standards , helps increase speed and precision in work
executive branch
nearly all of the federal bureaucracy is located in the _______
article ii
suggests that executive departments would exist, even though the constitution barely mentions it
without an ______, even the best policies would just be words/phrases
the executive branch is composed of __ broad groups of agencies
executive of the president, the 15 executive departments, & independent agencies
the 3 broad groups of agencies in the executive branch
term reserved for agencies of Cabinet rank
term used to refer to any governmental body
term usually given to agencies charged with the regulation of business activities
term given to those agencies that conduct business-like activities
term used to major elements in a department
staff or line
The several units that make up any administrative organization can be classified as either _____ agencies or ____ agencies
federal government
the largest organization in the country
umbrella agency
a complex organization staffed by the President’s closest key advisors and assistance (ie: EOP)
White House Office
the nerve center of the entire executive branch; houses the President’s key personal and political aides
chief of staff
directs all of the operations of the White House Office and is among the most influential of aides
press secretary
one of the president’s top assistants who is in charge of media relations on a daily basis
national security council (NSC)
most of the President’s major steps in foreign affairs are taken in close consultation with the ____
members of NSC
Vice President, the secretaries of state/treasury, the director of national intelligence, and the chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff
Office of Management and Budget (OMB)
largest and most influential unit (after the white house office) in the executive office
preparations of federal budget
the major task of the OMB
federal budget
a very detailed estimate of receipts and expenditures for the next fiscal year
fiscal year
a 12 month period beginning on October 1 and ending on September 30th.
federal budget
also an annual statement of the public policy expressed in dollars
federal agency
the creation of the federal budget is a lengthy process which begins when each ______ submits estimates of its needs to the OMB.
the _____ moderates the spending of funds that Congress appropriates
the OMB stands on all _____ matters to make certain they agree with teh president’s policy positions
executive orders & veto messages
the OMB helps the President prepare the hundreds of ____ and ____ he sends to Congress
Office of National Drug Control Policy
prepares annual national drug control strategies, which the President sends to Congress
Council of Economic Advisors
chief executive’s major source of information and advice on the state of the nation’s economy and helps the president prepare for the annual Economic report to Congress
Office of Policy Development
advises the president on all domestic affairs
Council on Environmental Quality
aids President in environmental policy and in writing the annual “state of the environment” report to Congress; sees that federal agencies comply with presidential policy and the nation’s environmental laws
Office of the Vice President
an office whose houses more than 50 people who help the VP perform the duties of the Vice President
Office of the US Trade Representative
advises the chief executive in all matters of foreign trade
Office of Science and Technology Policy
President’s majot advisor in all scientific, engineering, and other technological matters
Office of Administration
general housekeeping agency for all units in the executive office; provides support services needed to do various jobs within the Executive Office
Cabinet Department
traditional units of federal administration that does much of the work of the federal government
# of executive (cabinet) departments
The Department of State, Treasury, and War
the 3 original departments made by the first Congress in 1789
each executive department is headed by a ___
Department of Justice
the only executive department is headed by a secretary except the ______
attorney general
The department of Justice is led by the ______
staff and line subunits
each executive department is made up of a number of _______
many of the agencies are structured _____, with much of their work being done through regional or district offices
Department of State
the oldest and most prestigious department
Department of Defense
the largest department
Department of Health and Human Services
the department with the largest budget
Department of Energy
the department that conducts nuclear weapons research and production
Department of Interior
the department that operates hydro-electric power plants
Department of Agriculture
the department that administers the food stamp program
Department of Treasury
the department that enforces alcohol, tobacco, and firearm laws
an informal advisory body
not mentioned in the constitution nor created by Congress
administrative head of a department
1st major job of a cabinet member
advisors to the president
2nd major job of a cabinet member

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