Government Chapter 14

One of the important differences between public bureaucracies and private corporations is that government bureaucracies
are not organized to make a profit, whereas private corporations are
According to Max Weber, a bureaucracy should be all of the following
apolitical, an organization where decisions are based on logic and analysis, an organization that makes promotions on the basis of merit, not politics, and an organization that applies similar decisions to similar situations
The acquisitive model of bureaucracy holds that
leaders of bureaucracies seek expanded budgets and larger staffs
The number of local government employees has
increased significantly in the last several decades
The monopolistic model of bureaucracy states that
bureaucracies have no competitors and are, therefore, inefficient
The cabinet departments can be described in management terms as
line organizations
The first cabinet department to be created was
State, and the most recently created was Homeland Security
Today, government spending accounts for about ______ of the U.S. gross domestic product.
one third
Amtrak, the US Postal Service, and the Tennessee Valley Authority are examples of
government corporations
The merit system refers to
the selection and promotion of government employees on the basis of examinations
The Spoils System can be viewed as
a system of patronage
The Supreme Court in Garcetti v. Ceballos placed restrictions on lawsuits brought by public workers by ruling that
when public employees make statements relating to their official duties, they are not speaking as citizens for First Amendment purposes.
The Hatch Act prohibits
federal employees from active involvement in political campaigns
The iron triangle is
an alliance of related interest groups, Congressional committees, and bureaucracy.
Issue networks are
an alliance that may contain scholars, interest groups, executive agency staff, and legislative staff members.
The investigative power of Congress is often
delegated to the Government Accountability Office
Within a bureaucracy the units of organization are divided according to the
specialization and expertise of the employees
Government agencies that are thought to be inefficient because they lack competitors are called ______ agencies.
The Securities and Exchange Commission, Environmental Protection Agency, and Nuclear Regulatory Commission are all examples of
administrative agencies
Organizations that are directly accountable to the president and are responsible for performing government functions, such as printing money and training troops, are known as
line organizations
If all government employees are included, more than _____ percent of all civilian employment is accounted for by government.
The two bodies that employ by far the largest number of federal civilian employees are
the U.S. Postal Service and the Department of Defense
The four major types of government bureaucracies do not include
privatized bureaucracies
The cabinet departments, in terms of organization are
directly accountable to the president
The only cabinet department not headed by a secretary is
______ were set up because Congress felt it was unable to handle the complexities and technicalities required to carry out specific laws in the public interest.
Independent regulatory commissions
Labor, Agriculture, and Interior are examples of
cabinet departments
The CIA, Environmental Protection Agency, and NASA are examples of
independent executive agencies
The Federal Reserve, SEC, and National Labor Relations Board are all examples of
independent regulatory agencies
When the industry that is being regulated gains control over the agency that is supposed to regulate it, this is called
A government agency is subject to capture when
the industry an agency regulates controls the agency that is supposed to regulate it.
The Civil Service Reform Act of 1978
created the Office of Personnel Management and the Merit Systems Protection Board
The Freedom of Information Act
requires federal agencies to disclose information on file about an individual on that individual’s request
Sunset legislation requires
the termination of a program unless Congress has reauthorized it
The concept of privatization refers to
the replacement of government services with services provided by private firms
A “whistleblower” is a person who
brings to public attention gross governmental inefficiency or illegal action
The Whistleblower Protection Act
provides for the investigations of complaints of waste
Government agencies with leaders who seek to expand their organization’s budgets and staffs to gain power are known as _____ agencies.
Compared to governmental bureaucracies in other countries, the federal bureaucracy in the US
enjoys a greater degree of autonomy
Excluding military personnel, there are about ____ employees in the federal bureaucracy
2.7 million
A federal, state, or local government unit created by legislative bodies to administer and enforce specific laws and to perform a specific function is known as a(n)
administrative agency
A line organization
is directly accountable to the president and responsible for performing government functions.
Independent executive agencies are
not part of cabinet departments but report directly to the president
A list of jobs for political appointees can be found in
the Plum Book
The selection and promotion of government employees on the basis of examinations is a result of the
merit system
The Pendleton Act
established the principle of employment on the basis of open competitive examinations
The main prohibition outlined in the Hatch Act was
that civil service employees cannot take an active part in political campaigns
The “Government in the Sunshine Act” required that
all federal agencies that are run by committees conduct their business regularly in public session
The False Claims Act of 1986
allows whistleblowers to receive monetary rewards
A major power that Congress has over the federal bureaucracy is
the authority to extend or limit appropriations

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