Government 3 vocabulary

Term Definition
Block grants broad program grants given to states and communities, which exercise discretion in how the money is spent
Categorical grants grants that can only be used in specific purposes or categories of the state and local spending
cooperative federalism where state and national governments responsibilities are mingled and blurred like a marble cake, powers and policies are shared
dual federalism states and national government each remain supreme within their own spheres of power
elastic clause in the constitution that states that congress has the power to make all laws necessary and proper for caring out its duties
enumerated powers powers of congress found in article 1, section 8 of the constitution
extratradition the constitution requires each state to return a person charged with a crime in another state to that state for trial or imprisonment
federalism a system of shared power between two of more levels of government
fiscal federalsim a pattern of spending, taxing, and providing grants in the federal system
formula grants a type of categorical grant where states and local governments do not apply for a grant but are given funds based on the basis of a formula
full faith and credit article IV of the constitution requires states to provide reciprocity towards other states public acts, records, and civil judicial proceedings
Gibbons vs Ogden 1824 Supreme Court case that further expanded Congress's power to regulate interstate and international commerce by defining commerce very broadly to incorporate every from of commercial activity
implied powers powers beyond congress' enumerated powers which insure it can carry put its duties
intergovernmental relations used to describe the entire set of interactions among national, state, and local governments
McCullouch vs Maryland 1819 supreme court case, established supremacy of the national government over the states (included both implied powers and enumerated powers of congress
privileges the constitution prohibits states from discriminating against citizens of other states
project grant categorical grants awarded on the basis of competitive applications
supremacy clause specifies that powers not delegated to the national government are reserved for the state government or the people
tenth ammendment specifies that powers not delegated to the national government are reserved for the state government or the people
unitary government a system where all power resides in the central government
devolution transferring responsibility fro polices from the federal government to the states (ronald reagan)

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