Google Glass Essay

Google Glass should be prohibited to be public for the universe. In effect of technological progresss. we have changed our society and have been convenient for few decennaries. Thankss to advanced engineering. we finally became possible to make anything we want with electronic devices from modern engineering. At this point. Eric Schmidt. who is a current Google’s executive president. announced that Google will commercialize Google Glass by the terminal of 2013. Google Glass is a wearable computing machine with a caput mounted show by Google in the Project Glass. research and development.

Google glass shows information in a smartphone-like hands-free format that can interact with the cyberspace via voice bids. Briefly. it’s traveling to be like a smart phone have oning on our eyes. It is believed that modern engineering has brought many benefits to us. we should be cognizant that it’s possible to utilize for our society. First. the populace would be threatened by Google Glass earnestly. Inverters of Google Glass say that Google Glass will be equipped with an rational camera that can take clear images at anytime. anyplace.

It means that taking image with a Google Glass can take to an invasion of portrayal right. Furthermore. it doesn’t have any talkers to allow other people know that users are in the procedure of entering. For case. cell phones and camcorders have talkers transcending a background noise degree of 60~70dB. Alternatively of loud talkers. it has bone-conduction earphones near frames. But it mustn’t be a map as watchful sound. Second. Google Glass will perfectly impact our organic structure severely. What would go on if we wear Google Glass for really long clip?

Every electronic device has electromagnetic moving ridges as ever. Harmonizing to Interphone Study Group in France ( ISG ) . 2 billion people will hold encephalon malignant neoplastic disease by 2020 from cell phones. Unfortunately. Google Glass has the same critical influence as the cell phones have. If we wear Google Glass. we might every bit good face a awful state of affairs like ISG said. Furthermore. they are stating that a new psychological disease called “nomophonia’ . which makes us experience nervous because of non keeping ain our device. will happen at the minute.

I’m sure that it would be a catastrophe for us every bit good as our following coevalss. At last. I’d say that there will be liability jobs by being obsessed with Google Glass. Peoples will have on Google Glass while driving in malice of definite warnings non to make. After that. they will collide with the aged or any walkers and person will acquire hurt earnestly. The medical insurance may non be possible to cover the medical attention because money can be critical.

If Google Glass is commercialized. we will hold to take up a liability insurance to utilize it. It means the we need to add cost of an insurance policy to Google Glass measure. Of class. Using Google Glass will do our life somewhat more comfy and convenient. On the other manus. we should deeply believe it has so many side effects that can severely consequence to our society. Therefore. I hold really strongly that organisations in charge of licence of selling electronic devices shouldn’t allow to let go of into the universe.

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