Google Ad Words Practice Test

An API user is given an account but is not able to view that account through the interface. Why not?
API user has API Only access
API allows developers to use applications that ________.
Interact directly with the AdWords server
Where can you test and develop new ideas?
AdWords Sandbox
What allows advertisers to automate AdWords reporting and campaign management?
Use of an API web service
What is the benefit of an API?
Advertisers can make dynamic changes to their accounts at scale
If someone wants ot make frequent, specific changes to bids based on criteria for more than 100k keywords, what tool is most efficient?
AdWords API
A user clicks on an ad for sneakers. He isn’t directed to a page with sneakers. He also receives?
Link to a relevant page and remove the pop-up
A good landing page for spring dresses would display?
Several colors of spring dresses
A benefit of including a keyword within an ad text is that the keyword will _______.
It will appear bold within the ad
To differentiate ads from competitors advertisers should _______.
Include price, promotions, and a call-to-action
How can advertisers determine the most profitable keywords within a company?
Compare the cost incurred by each keyword with the conversion data for that keyword
You search keywords that should trigger your ad but your ad doesn’t appear. Why not?
Your campaigns are targeting a location outside where you are physically located
You want to increase the position of an ad but don’t want to raise the bid. How can you increase ad rank?
Make changes to improve the quality score of the ad’s keywords
A high quality score can:
Improve an ad’s position
What is the most appropriate action to take if your keywords are below the “first page bid estimate?”
Consider increasing the bid or editing the keyword to improve quality score
You make edits to an ad and the position decreases. Why?
The edited version is less relevant to the keywords within the ad group.
You have the same keyword in two different ad groups. The one to win within an auction will be the one with:
The best quality score
To improve the performance of an ad group on a search network, advertisers should create ad groups by creating:
Keywords that are also included in the ad text
In an AdWords account, which statistic is viewable for each ad group?
Average CPC
What is the recommended action for new mobile ad campaigns?
Use a mobile-optimized landing page
An advertiser selling computers is writing new ad text. What is an example of ad text that fits AdWords policy?
20-70% off LCD monitors
To achieve the best performance of text ads, what is the best practice?
Include words like find and search in the ad text
What type of keywords tend to perform better with mobile ads?
Short general keywords
A campaign that is targeting desktops is only performing well with text and image ads. The advertisers want to reach mobile devices. They should:
Create a separate ad group for mobile ads within the existing campaign
If the query “Seattle Plumbers” is entered, Google will use the location term that is part of the query to show ads:
Targeted to Seattle regardless of the user’s physical location
You are running a campaign that targets only France. However, you see clicks from users in Switzerland. Why?
Users in Switzerland are searching on Google’s French domain
What is the quickest way to add a long list of locations to target in a campaign?
Use the bulk link in the custom tab of location settings
Why would an advertiser use the bundles option when choosing location targeting?
To quickly select a group of countries or territories to target
What tool allows you to test different combinations of website content for the purpose of improving conversion?
Website optimizer
Is it important to identify specific goals in a campaign so you can:
Make strategic changes to the account to improve performance
A florist is advertising for five types of flowers, including red roses. A user types in “red roses.” What landing is more likely to result in a sale?
A gape on the site that displays only roses
What are key elements when optimizing a landing page?
Relevant and original content that clearly represents the business
What report helps you identify which pages on your site should be optimized?
Top landing pages
A user conducts a “laptop computers” search and clicks on an ad. Which landing page could be most relevant?
Category page containing a variety of laptop computers
An advertiser can provide physical location info about their business through Google places account. Ads that include this type of info are eligible to show on:
Any networks selected in the campaign’s settings
What feature distinguishes location extension from regional and customized campaign targeting?
Customized campaign targeting is required in order to enable location extensions
Business listings in Google places can be:
Location extensions in AdWords
What is a benefit of linking a Google places account to an AdWords campaign?
Ads will be more eligible to show to more users
A click volume increase likely to be immediately filtered from a campaign would be due to:
Automated clicks
On what tab can advertisers see invalid click credits?
What is the MCC?
My client center
What is an API?
Application programming interface
What is an interface?
A device or program that enables users to communicate with a computer
What is quality score?
Estimate of the quality of ads, landing pages, and keywords
What are the components of a quality score?
CTR, ad relevance, and landing page experience

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