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The needs of the work force must be adjusted by the employers in today’s competitive workplace. A distinct advantage is usually observed in those employers, who perform this practice. In the United States firms, the use of flextime is one of the tools that is being used meet this objective. From the employee’s viewpoint, the reason is simple and popular. Flexible work schedules were favored by 78 percent of the respondents according to a recent survey. A variety of flexible arrangements has been referred with the concept of flextime.

Some of these referring are unconventional hours, part-time work, job sharing, leaves of absence, and working at home. From a company’s perspective, top-caliber people can be attracted and retained with the offering of working for fewer and more flexible hours. From the employees’ perspective, a greater sense of empowerment can be given by the flexible work arrangements. A stronger feeling of company’s trust can be given to the employees by the Flextime. Additionally, children can be brought up more responsibly in these times of dual-career parents.

Loyalty to the employers has also been observed in the professionals in the abovementioned arrangements. (Deutschman, 1991) Shared Jobs Less-time working or

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flexible hours are not involved in all flextime. Sometimes, work can be shared between the employees. A lengthy proposal spelling out should be written by the employees, by whom, work should be shared with their counterparts. (Deutschman 1991). For example, different situations should also be discussed in the proposal, which should discuss the period of the work, and the situation where the job sharer leaves the job.

A good planning tool is referred with such a document at the time of sharing jobs. In addition, written updates, phone calls, electronic mail, and spiral-bound logs are some of the tools for maintaining good communication between the job sharers. In this regard, 120 percent is normally paid by most of the companies to these job sharers. Thus, three-fifths of a regular salary is received by a sharer with some benefits. A couple of issues are considered, in order to assess the flextime to be appropriate or not.

In other words, serious problems that cause the absence of the employees are considered. In this process, different solutions of the identified problems are discussed with relation to the customers. Secondly, the benefits of flextime should also be analyzed and discussed. Longer utilization of equipment, as well as, early preparation of work should also be included in this process, by which, internal or external customers might be affected by it. Disadvantages There are some disadvantages of the flextime, which should be considered by the employers, as well as, the employees.

For instance, availability of the employees might show some reduction in the organization. Different timings will be preferred by the employees in a flextime system. There are possibilities that the availability of the support services might be affected adversely by the flextime. Depending on your department, medical services to typing, as well as, some other office services might be included in this support structure. It will be important to make sure that employee coverage of critical work should not reduce substantially from an operational point of view.

Administratively, the employee work time should also be considered, as more effort will be needed in this regard. It can be noted as cheaters are often taken care due to their peer pressure, and end up in using flextime. Dissatisfaction can be another disadvantage of the flextime, which can be seen in the people who would not be able to participate in it. Good planning of management of the work force can be able to reduce the abovementioned disadvantage in some way, as elimination cannot be done in this regard. Obviously, these disadvantages can be offset by advantages, which are more in the quantity.

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