Going Back to the Villages to Make a Developed India Essay

India is a state of small towns. About five lakh small towns exist in In a. While merely about 28 per cent of the population lives in the metropoliss. 72 per cent of the population lives in the small towns. The small towns therefore occupy a topographic point of great importance in the state. They are the base of India’s development in every domain of life. There were many jobs in the small towns before Independence. There were no schools. infirmaries. Bankss. etc. . for the installations of the villagers. There were no proper roads. electricity and tubing Wellss. As a affair of fact their life was a snake pit. Since the morning of Independence. the conditions in the Indian small towns are altering really fast. The Government has opened dark schools for the grownups and primary schools for male childs and misss. High schools and Inter colleges are established at every 20 kilometre of distance.

The consequence is that they are now educated. illiteracy and ignorance are therefore fast vanishing. . Till late. most of the husbandmans were utilizing the old methods of plouhing their’ Fieldss. or seeding seeds and reaping. However. the husbandmans are now utilizing new techniques. They plough their Fieldss with tractors. and water their Fieldss with H2O from tube-wells. With the abolishment of zamindari. the individual who ploughs the Fieldss is now the existent proprietor of the land. A great alteration has taken topographic point in the political and societal life of the villagers excessively. Before Independence. they had no say in the personal businesss of the small town. Now Gram Sabha. Gram Panchayat an. Panchayati Adalat are at that place. Due to the operation of these organic structures. the villagers have now begun to understand their rights and responsibilities.

There are alterations in others Fieldss besides: Roadss are constructed by the villagers. Now every small town is linked by roads to other parts of the state. Hospitals and authorities dispensaries have been established to take the unwellness and diseases which normally become a expletive on community. In short. the fact is that the development of small towns is in a transitional phase. Villages are the biggest support for India. from the yesteryear to hereafter. They are the 1. with which the universe recognizes India. They are the 1 that does non depend on any other metropoliss. but the full India is dependent on the small towns. They contribute to our modern India in every Fieldss get downing from agribusiness. economic system. cuteness of our state. Hence. I conclude that small towns are the biggest strength to our India.

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