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Turning up. my summers were frequently spent at my uncle’s spread. My ma would drive me up and go forth me for approximately 2 to 3 hebdomads. Those were the most fruitful and fun-filled summers of my life. At the spread. I would be far removed from metropolis life and its feverish agenda. Alternatively. I would pass my forenoons in bed. frequently waking up tardily to hold a really all right breakfast prepared by my aunt. My cousins were really suiting and my friendly relationship with them remains to be portion of my most-treasured memories. We still maintain in touch by E-mail. and sometimes see each other when our agendas allow.

Idyllic and merriment as it was. the most “haunting” and relentless memory I have of those summers at the spread is that of Evan. Evan is one of my uncle’s farm hands’ boy. and although he was merely somewhat older than we were. he had already started working at the farm since he was eight or nine. His friendly relationship helped determine the manner I am now. and made a positive impact in my life. His narrative and friendly relationship became a personal cause for me. and I am trusting I could put it down to do it into a more public protagonism. * * * At first I thought his name was Moe. because my cousins called him “Slow Moe.

” He was diffident and kept to himself. and ne’er went out of his manner to speak to us. Mon. my eldest cousin. had another. and simpler. moniker for him: “Stupid. ” I felt sorry for him. And possibly that was why I tried my best to befriend him. It was non easy at first. but so he cracked a smiling and the conversation went swimmingly after that. One thing that struck me about “Moe” was that he was really intelligent. He knew his work. and was truly passionate about the Equus caballuss he tended to. He knew a batch of things about their nature. how to maintain them. and how to lenify them if they were agitated.

His cognition besides applied to other animate beings. We had a great clip speaking about a batch of other things: about his life. my life. current events. the intelligence. and even the chitchat around town. Just about anything and everything was up for treatment. Furthermore. he had his ain sentiments about a batch of issues and I found that truly admirable. Sometimes he taught me things like how to sit a Equus caballus. or how to leap into the lake without set downing so distressingly on my tummy. He besides taught me about configurations. their names and how to place them. I besides found out his existent name was Evan. but he had learned to populate with “Moe” .

One dark. I ventured inquiring why he was non in school. Evan merely chuckled and said that those childs were “evil. ” I subsequently found out that Evan attended up to the first class and so refused to travel back. His last twenty-four hours at school was an ugly episode wherein some childs in his category called him all sorts of names and beat him about to decease. My cousins ab initio resented the clip I spent with Evan. and even the few times I brought him along with us. He was an foreigner. they protested. And they were ashamed to be seen in town with the “farm hand” with “no visible radiations on up at that place.

” But Evan finally won them over. and with my cousins recognizing that they have been incorrect with the cat. they developed a better relationship with him. Soon. his moniker was seldom mentioned among us. and we started utilizing his existent name. Evan is a dyslexic. During that clip. nevertheless. he was merely apparent “stupid. ” I doubt if his parents of all time knew his status or cared about it. Evan was taught at place by his ma. who used images and drawings to acquire herself understood. Evan was alright with verbal account. but non written 1s. I learned about his status when we ventured into town with my cousins and stopped by a bookshop.

He was looking at the mark outside the shop and read the mark as “bokos” . I laughed and he instantly fell soundless. I sensed something was incorrect. but I kept quiet about it until we reached place. Because we were already close friends by that clip. I asked him about it. . He admitted that he “couldn’t read. ” and I told him I could non believe that. He seemed to be a smart and intelligent individual. there is no manner he was nonreader. He shook his caput and insisted that he could non read. He explained that when he read. he ever read it incorrect. Evan explained that to him. E. M. and W all looked likewise. every bit good as G. O and D.

So he reads “GOD” and “DOG” as “OOO” . He farther said that there are times that he could see the letters. and know what they are. but that they “danced around” . Like if he sees the word CAT. he can place the letters C. A and T. but he could non threading it together. Sometimes he’d see it as C. A and T. sometimes it’s A. C. and T. * * * Dyslexia is a disablement that affects an individual’s reading and composing accomplishments. a status that is present in 10 % of the general population in assorted signifiers and grades ( Dyslexia Action. dateless. online ) .

Today. an estimated 15 % of American pupils suffer from dyslexia. and up to half of all Americans have some signifier of undetected larning disablements. Other surveies besides report that every bit many as 2. 9 million school-aged American kids have larning disablements ( Edwards. 2006. online. ) Heather Hardie. mentioning dyslexia adept Sylvia Moody. writes that dyslexia is merely difficulty with composing and reading. which may stem from short-run memory failing. defective information processing. and weak perceptual. spacial and motor accomplishments. A dyslexic. hence. can hold jobs with hapless concentration and hapless memory.

It may attest subtly. like when a kid is slow in reading certain words. but reads them right ; or it may be terrible and obvious like in Evan’s instance. Dr. Moody adds that a dyslexic may exhibit other symptoms and jobs like turns of forgetfulness. troubles in organisation and in maintaining clip. ( Hardie. 2006. p. 26 ) . The overall effects are dramatic. To a kid enduring from dyslexia. school work may endure. Reading is such a basic accomplishment that’s required in about all school topics that a dyslexic kid is put at a great disadvantage. and frequently taking to jobs with larning. The kid normally fails in school.

It can besides take to low self-esteem. delinquency. aggression. behavioural jobs. and societal backdown ( Mayo Clinic Staff. 2007. online ) . This was clearly seen in Evan’s instance. He was highly diffident and preferable to work off from us and largely kept to himself. This was unfortunate. because his friendly relationship made my summers at my uncle’s farm more memorable. I hate to believe how many friendly relationships were non developed because of dyslexia. How many kids had wanted to make out and state hello. but was stumped by the fright of being laughed at. The nickname and label “dyslexic” is bad plenty. but being thought of as “stupid” is a million times worse.

A kid with dyslexia demands a supportive environment both at place and at school. A parent should explicate to the kid that it is non his or her mistake. and patiently explicate the status to him or her. this will enable the kid to get by and counterbalance for his or her disablement. Parents of dyslexic kids should besides acquire in touch with instructors. and it might assist if they find support groups that can supply both emotional support and good information ( Mayo Clinic Staff. 2007. online ) . Dyslexic pupils grow up to be dyslexic grownups. and in the workplace. dyslexia is non much kinder to those who suffer from it.

In fact. Linda Goldman and Joan Lewis ( 2007 ) writes that information processing upsets. like dyslexia and attending shortage hyperactivity upset. are considered legal disablements. giving the suffered equal legal protection against favoritism and requires employers to guarantee equity by doing “reasonable adjustments” in footings of recruiting. preparation. using and advancing employees with dyslexia ( p. 16 ) . Often a dyslexic worker produces below par work end product. manifests hapless timekeeping. and frequently fails to retrieve instructions.

This puts him or her at greater hazard to be terminated from work. particularly if his or her status goes undiagnosed and unrecognised ( Goldman and Lewis. 2007. p. 16 ) . Even so. most employees with dyslexia need merely more clip to make their work and to rectify jobs related to concentration and coordination. This is what “reasonable adjustments” are all about ( Goldman and Lewis. 2007. p. 16 ) . However. I take bosom in the narratives of a batch of people who have succeeded in malice of holding dyslexia. Pamela Coyle ( 1996 ) chronicles the parturiencies and successes of three of them: Sylvia Ann Law. David Glass and Jonathan Pazer.

All of them are celebrated dyslexics. yet each one succeeded in their Fieldss. Sylvia Law became a professor of. suitably. jurisprudence. She besides teaches medical specialty and psychopathology. She is the writer of several books and has served as lector. every bit good as strong influence in the Fieldss of civil rights and poorness jurisprudence. David Glass and Jonathan Pazer are both practising attorneies. ( pp. 64-67 ) . Heather Hardie ( 2006. p. 24 ) adds businessman Richard Branson. comedian Eddie Izzard and architect Richard Rogers to the list. Their lives are reflecting illustrations of how dyslexia could be overcome. if merely one does non give in to low self-esteem and prosecute in self-pity.

More than that. a kid with dyslexia should turn up in a supportive environment that would non merely further his development. but besides instill in him or her the assurance needed to turn and unrecorded life. * * * The last clip I saw Evan was more than two old ages ago. He had become a fine-looking and confident immature adult male. and has a steady girlfriend who. along with Evan’s female parent. is assisting him analyze for a high school equivalency trial. At the clip. he was besides working at a local fast nutrient concatenation as a janitor. and at the local school making uneven occupations. But Evan still shies off from contact and conversation with aliens.

For my portion. I am happy to hold met him at a clip when I was turning up. He made me believe and recognize that people have their ain jobs. and it is hard to judge them by what we see. Furthermore. he made me recognize that what’s more of import is what we do non see. If I had non scratched below the surface. I would still be one of those childs who continue to name him “Slow Moe. ” and that would hold deprived me of a friend who had made my summers at the farm richer and more fulfilling with his narratives. tips. and gags. In a sense. I know I could ne’er thank Evan plenty for the impact he had in my life.

But I know that I am thanking him with every kid. dyslexic or non. that I tutor on reading and authorship as a voluntary for our vicinity pre-school. I am thanking him by non being mean to other people when they show a sort of “weirdness” or “stupidity. ” I am thanking him by non judging people I meet right off. I wish I could make more. I want to state Evan the following clip I see him all about Sylvia Law and other people whom I think would act upon him to make better with his life despite his disablement. In fact. I hope to be able to state people merely how incorrect they are at labeling dyslexic people “stupid.

” What they need is love and support. They need all the leeway they can acquire to assist them get the better of their disablement. They have all the possible to win in life. if we—friends. instructors. fellow pupils. employers. co-workers. and parents—only give them the opportunity. Recognitions: First of all. I want to thank ( name of instructor ) for giving us this assignment. This exercising has given me the chance to believe about my life and appreciate a individual who I ne’er truly thought much about earlier. Alvin John for proofreading all those bill of exchanges and giving suggestions that helped determine this paper.

And of class. Evan for the friendly relationship and the penetrations.

Mentions 2007. Dyslexia: Complications. Retrieved July 11. 2008. from Mayo Clinic. Web site: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. mayoclinic. com/health/dyslexia/DS00224/DSECTION=complications 2007. Dyslexia: Header and Support. Retrieved July 11. 2008. from Mayo Clinic. Web site: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. mayoclinic. com/health/dyslexia/DS00224/DSECTION=coping Coyle. Pamela ( 1996 ) . What Sylvia Law. Jonathan Pazer and David Glass confront when they read or compose. ABA Journal. 82. 64. Retrieved July 10. 2008. from ABI/INFORM Global database. ( Document ID: 10121349 ) .

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