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There are many things that I fear about Joining the military and that might happen to me and affect my life in many horrible ways and forms. I know all of the things that could happen to me and I am afraid that they will. However I know that I will never die, as nothing will be able to stop me from seeing those who I love and wish to be with. Even with these thoughts in mind, I will never stop attempting to join the military and serve those who I wish to keep safe. The first thing that I will be afraid of Is that of death. But not my death.

Not even iterate death necessarily, but death of the mind and of the heart and the soul. I fear that my hand will be forced to kill and that because of It I will lose all sense of security and humanity. I know now that I will not, but I can not help but to see the possibility. I will euthanize the men and women who will serve to fight against me, even though that now, I know that they are doing what they believe to be right and lust. And who Is to decide whether It Is. Now I know that they are not my enemies, but my opponents.

They will defend themselves and die for what they choose, but I ill die to protect those who need the protecting and that which I imagine and analyze is good and fair. The second thing that I fear is that I will be gone from those in a physical being for long times in which anything could happen to them. I know that I will marry and I know that I will have children who I will love more than life itself. I want to be able to know my children, and I want to be there as they are born, and I want to be able to hold them and talk to them as they grow and learn.

The worst thing that could happen is that they will grow up and not know me when I walk in the door and reach own to pick them up and hug them, but them to turn away to go and hide behind their mother from the stranger who is scary and could be a potential threat to them. I want to be able to grow up with me taking them to sports games, art shows, music concerts, and even Just spend time with them. The third thing that I have to accept is the fact of death of friends.

I know that if I do go into the service and I go into a firefight, I will see people die and get Injured in brutal ways. I do not wish that people had to see and feel that pain, but at this time ND day, we can not avoid it. I may have nightmares and post traumatic disorder, but I know that somebody has to do It. Again, this does not stop me. I also feel the pain that people do not respect people In the military. The men and women who are in the military are there to risk their lives so that you can be happy, healthy and safe.

Not many people can do what they do. People disrespect the people that give them reason to be In the great American nation. They say that the soldiers are stupid and murderers, but they do not look Into the situations that people need the military. I agree that It would be great If there was no need for a military anywhere in the world, but that is not the case, and I of all people have possible, and I regret that humans are are so narrow minded. My views on the goals of the military are complicated, and therefore will be narrowed down for now.

I believe that when people say that the military are cowards for using certain weapons and devices and attack methods, they have reason to say so. I believe that some of the ways that the military chooses to attack their opponents can be very UN thought out, and yes cowardly. I do not think that this makes the military as a whole cowardly or stupid. There are certain things that I would not do in the military. For instance, I would not kill innocent people Just so that I can kill one person or to save my life.

I am talking about nuclear warfare. I think that nuclear warfare is cowardly and horrible. It is used to kill many many humans so that you can deal with one group of people. If I had to give me life to prevent a nuclear bomb (or other certain bombs) from being sent out and killing many many people who do not needed togged murdered. I believe that all of the military is to be respected, and none of them deserve less respect than others, but I do believe that some branches do more admirable things, like the marines being compared to the air force.

The marines are more respected for their rough and tough, brave guys who Just go out there to kill and be killed. The air force is Just people who want to be cool and can’t, but they require more things to get them into that branch of the armed forces. I respect all branches, as they are due to be. I know that I will do my utmost hardest to get into the military to serve the country ND world that I love and respect, even though it has its many faults and failures, it is something that needs to be defended and protected.

I am doing my best already to serve by Joining the united states Utah wing Civil Air Patrol. I can’t fighter, but I am doing everything that I can to help anyone I can. The Civil Air Patrol is a way to prepare me to become anything that I want to strive to become. I will get into the military with a higher rank. That is what will help me to serve in the best way possible way. I will be higher in rank and I will be able to help help more people in more ways.

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