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As time progresses, technology also progresses, often times leaving outdated technologies in the past. So when radio hit the mainstream market In the 1 920’s, It had an expected period of success before its imminent fallout. Radio has surpassed everyone’s expectation of its own life expectancy because radio has continued to adapt to new technologies for over 50 years. The first major change to radio was when television was Introduced because before television, radio was one of the major forms of entertainment besides reading.

So when television took over the large entertainment market, radio stuck to what they did best, sports, music, and news. And now, radio has once had to reinvent themselves again in the 21st century by going online. The globalization of Internet radio Is now one of the most Important ways of communicating because people from all around the world can tune Into a specific station and share common ideas through the same medium in real time. The globalization of media encompasses generally the delivery and reach of an overall message.

We could use the the globalization of Idea that baggy Jeans are cool to further explain how globalization works. A teenager from Brooklyn might be late to one of his classes that happens to be in Time Square. Now he waddles through Time Square without a belt, a tourist from Pennsylvania sees the teen and now decides to lower his pants. After doing it around his own high school, one of his peers catches on to the trend and puts It on his online blog. Which now reaches his thousands of national and international readers who then now follow the trend.

This is just a made p, hypothetical example, but it really does show the many ways trends and ideas spread, which is globalization. Globalization’s Impact on the general media landscape Is huge because we now have formed what Is called a global village. Marshall McLuhan’s coined the term global village, which means that new emerging technologies are bring together the world under one interconnected chain of ideas, opinions, and concepts (Sterin 21). This Interconnected way of live has now made having an obscure common idea or thought less different by the use of the internet.

We now have the ability to share our thoughts, ideas, opinions, and messages through the internet. When you bring a message to the internet, the reach is almost endless! It all boils down to this idea that McLuhan and Paul Levinson worked with called cultural convergence. We are a “technology driven culture,” and with this uprising of cultural convergence, barriers that hold communication back are being torn down, and the rise of the globalization of media and information sharing is being pushed forward (21).

Internet radio is actually the newest innovations in the world of radio and can ate back to the rnld 199CYs. Internet radio can reach the same amount of people with the same amount of commercials or less at a fraction of the cost (140). Listening to talk shows, news, sports, or music can now all be down simply by the click of a mouse. What makes this different from Just the ordinary AM/FM radio is that now you can tune Into specific stations tailor made for you. If you want to know Just about the Boston Red Sox there’s a station for you.

Or a live news feed on the war In the middle east, there’s a station for you. Internet radio has had a short history thus far, but the 1 OF3 Many companies have formed in the last decade focused on internet radio, but two stand above the rest. Pandora and Spotify have literally revolutionized how music is shared throughout the world. Pandora was the original top dog in the internet radio market starting their company in 2000, but in the last five years Spotify has joined their ranks in becoming leaders in Internet Radio. Both companies have similar ideas on how to share music, but there is a variation.

Pandora focuses on atching you with similar songs based on tonality, pitch, melodies, and vocals through their music analysts (Pandora). Where as Spotify is much more on demand where you can get suggestions on new music through genre only. Both are for different types of listeners. If you like a certain type of music and you want to hear the standouts in that genre and maybe some new people in that same genre, then Spotify is the internet radio for you. If you want to hear music you already enjoy, and also new music that based on your preferences matches similar styles and rrangements, then Pandora is for you.

The globalization of media had a large influence on internet radio because it brought internet radio to everyone. Radio was no longer stuck to one market, but now could be accessible to everyone. It is now available not only through apps such as Pandora and Spotify, but also local radio stations have started streaming their content live through the internet. Globalization of internet radio has led to internet radio reaching anyone at anytime. Now what is internet radio’s influence over the globalization of media is a harder uestion. I guess it what be internet radio’s ability to convey the content of the message.

The internet radio gives its listeners content that they want to here. Internet radio provides much more than Just music, things like talk shows and sports can also all be found on internet radio. Internet radio has had an influence on the globalization of media through the messages they bring to its listeners. Globalization of internet radio is still very important today, because without this, music, opinions, and views would not be as easier to share as they are today. Internet adio solely relies on the globalization of its content to reach as many listeners as possible.

Without its listeners, the online radio stations are no profitable, and the website will come down for other more in demand topics. That would be a major problem if the stations were actually in one place, but since its online we do see this problem. If you had an only hindu music station out of Miami, you may online have a few listeners which in turn would cause you to shut down because of lack of advertising revenue. Now with internet radio, a hindu radio station can be viewed by nyone looking for that station. You may have over a thousand listeners, but they may also be from a thousand locations.

That is the beauty of internet radio, its everywhere. Look at the song “Gangnam Style” by Psy as a prime example of the globalization of internet radio. The famous song from Psy originated in South Korea, and was an instant hit. Through mediums like Pandora, Spotify, and Youtube, the song went to number internationally in a matter of weeks and cracked number one in the U. S. not much after (Gilbert). Without the globalization of internet radio this song never would ave left South Korea, but thanks to internet radio, this song has gone all the way to be no where.

Internet radio could not survive without the idea of sharing its content with like minded people. Internet radio is essential to the future and has made its mark in the media world, but they owe everything to its users who shared and make it as big as it is today. Pandora and Spotify rely on globalization to bring new content to its users everyday. So internet radio needs globalization to keep it moving, and in the end the listeners hear what they want no matter how obscure or uncommon whenever they want.

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