Global Talent Management

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The most significant of all production resources is the human resource due to its dynamic status as compared to the rest of the resources, which are static in nature. It is out of this fact that the competent management of the human resources becomes of vital importance due to the progressive and sound functioning of any business organizational workforce. All business organizations imminently are exposed to globalisation as a practical reality. This is the trend of the current decade whereby the skills of the workforce and the marketability are required for a global workforce.

The cadre of the employment in any business organization is the people talent. Talents in the organization refer to the people whose assessment ganged on performance or potential may be detrimental to the organization. The organization has the role responsibilities to pinpoint the right people with potentials for the organization’s skills and expertise flow. Today talent pools have assumed a global perspective (McIntosh, 2001). Virgin cosmetic company Virgin cosmetic company is a subdivision of Virgin GroupLtd. This company is one of top performance among the United Kingdom cosmetic companies having its origin way back in 1979.

The company makes use of online, mail

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orders, retail stores and direct sales to market its products. The company is globally recognised due to its potential and ability to manufacture products of extremely high quality and beauty. The company has also extended to jewellery having been launched in 2005. The company a prospect is to do things that really work, to run the business with passion and acting in manner of respect to the customers. The customers are put on the front and given a good value for their money. The company also aims to make the whole business process much of a fur as much as possible (McIntosh, 2005).

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