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Due to the complexity and diversity of large scale web development it is vital for the competitor to adhere to web engineering principles. These ethics offer a regimented approach to achieving the most aggressive website. Engineering principles will ultimately affect profit; costs of bad design are high.

Our client must consider the Quality Requirements addressed by (Pressman, 2000) and aim to capitalize on performance in usability, functionality, reliability, efficiency, maintainability and scalability.Engineering principles will prevent problems with obsolete or immaterial information, slow response, crashes or security breaches to which web applications are sensitive. It also must provide support for large number of users as it has a global presence and thousands of people access it worldwide. The competitor must recognize that web based systems development is a process with an iterative life cycle.

(Murugesan & Ginige, 2005. ) Web applications continually evolve in terms of needs and functionality and so our clients design must demonstrably fit context analysis.Engineering principles will minimize risk; improve quality, maintainability and scalability. (Murugesan et al, 1999. ) Software Configuration Management and Quality Control should be addressed to preserve standards.

Testing will help our client plan, monitor, control and deal with the challenge of their web application. The navigation links must be appropriate so that the user can traverse from one position to another at any moment. The web site offers a huge forest like structure which is given well navigation plan. Ethical issues Legal and ethical issues are vital to online success.

Building trust and user confidence is essential to our client, respecting consumer privacy and adhering to data protection legislation. “Consumers are extremely concerned about security and privacy on the Internet” (Trepper, 2000. ) The online store is designed to give options concerning the privacy of ones credit card information, name, address, e-mail, and any other information provided. The business is committed to keeping the information collected over the site secure. It offers the industry standard security measures available through the browser called SSL encryption.

If at any time a customer would like to make a purchase, but do not want to provide credit card information online, an order can be placed without credit card information and a representative will contact them. Alternatively, a sales representative can always be contacted over telephone. The policy to contact customers in the event of a potential problem with their purchase or any normal business communication regarding purchase. “It must take customer fears about security seriously” (Chaffey, 2004) we strongly recommend the competitor to emulate security policies to provide customer reassurance.It makes clear terms of trade and offer warranties/returns policy.

They address copyright, patents and trademark protection, which their competitor should adopt. Usability features: To stand out in the crowd it must come up with great graphics in their website, page layout and navigation must be well ordered and in correlation with usability. “The homepage is your company’s face to the world. ” (Nielsen, 2002) The homepage must clearly depict the essential services which are provided and search options must be incorporated well.

An appropriate tagline can add a lot to the glamour online. The homepage can have a white background with blue hyperlinks. “White in its nothingness acts as a wonderful balance between colors. ” (Singh, 2001. ) Security factors: The security aspects could be divided into two parts: one would be software security and another would be information security. System security can take the form which can be elaborated as follows: • Passwords: A lot of various mechanisms are used for hacking the system, some among them are as follows:Social engineering: The best way to get it done is the use of fake names and pretending to be internet service providers.

Installing Trojans: They are malicious invisible programs which monitor keystrokes and file paths. Interception: Not enough encryption would make the passwords vulnerable to network malicious programs. Others: The proper amount of care must be taken in safeguarding the website towards online threats from malicious users who trap valuable information for either tampering them or for stealing them for illegal use.

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