Global Operations and Supply-Chain Management (Chapter 13)

How does global operations management function?
when one or more of the production system direct resources originate from or are located in more than one country.
can be grouped into four business functions: procurement, production, logistics, and research and development.
What are the reasons why companies outsource and insource?
What are the advantages of global production?
In-house: cost, quality, allows the company more control over deliveries, the only option for components and raw materials that are highly specialized, secures the supply source
What are considerations for locating and relocating production facilities in givens scenarios?
*If a product can serve the needs of all customers around the world
*product’s image
*components and raw materials also apply to products
*As new opportunities appear around the world, sometimes it will become desirable for a company to relocate a production
How do the Internet and enterprise resource planning systems affect global supply chains?

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