Global Marketing Ch. 6

Six Steps in conducting global market research
1. Define the research problem
2. Develop a research design
3. Determine information needs
4. Collect the Data (secondary and primary)
5. Analyze the data and interpret the results
6. Report and present the findings of the study
Major challenges faced by global marketing researchers
1. Complexity of research design due to environmental differences
2. Lack of inaccuracy of secondary data
3. Time and cost requirements to collect primary data
4. Coordination of multi country research efforts
5. Difficulty in establishing comparability across multi-country studies
Research Problem Formulation
– Any research starts off with a precise definition of the research problem(s)
– In an international context, the marketing research problem formulation is hindered by the self-reference criterion (SRC)
– A major difficulty in formulating the research problem is unfamiliarity with the foreign environment
– Omnibus surveys are regularly conducted by research agencies
– Onne the research issues have been stated, management needs to determine the information needs
Problems with secondary data
– Accuracy of Data
– Age of data
– Reliability over time
– Comparability of Data
– Lumping of Data
consists of:
– sampling unit
– sample size
– sampling procedure
Contact Method
– mail
– telephone
– person to person
– online survey methods (email surveys, random web site surveys, panel web site surveys)
Courtesy bias
a tendancy to give positive answers, so not to hurt the observors feelings
Social desirability bias
the tendency of survey respondents to answer questions in a manner that will be viewed favorably by others
Issues of ethnographic research
Leveraging the internet for global market research
– online surveys
– bulletin boards and chat groups
– web vistor tracking
– virtual panels
– focus groups
Advantages of Marketing on the Internet
– Large samples quickly assembled
– Global access
– Lower costs
– Anonymity for sensitive topics
– Direct data load for swift analysis
– Short response times
Disadvantages of Marketing on the Internet
– Limited internet accès in most countries
– Samples are not representative
– Download time hinder access
– Incorrect addresses or poor connections
– Low response rates
– Multiple responses from the same person
Selecting a Research Agency
the following considerations should be taken into account while choosing agency:
– Level of expertise
– Qualifications
– Track record
– Credibility and experience
– Client Record
The emic school
focuses on the peculiarities of each country
the epic approach
emphasizes universal behavioral and attitudinal traits
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