Global Marketing

It’s first Best Price Modern Wholesale opened In 2009. Walter currently sells to retailers In India. Allowed Limit- 51% FAD In multi brand retail sector and 100% FAD In single brand. 3. Brands Operating In India – * Great Value Great Value is a brand of grocery that provides national brand quality at a cost that is much lower, without compromising on taste or quality. Products offered:- Staples: Pulses, Flours, Rice, Dry fits Processed Foods: Tea, Fruit Drinks, Snacks, Cookies, Corn flakes, Instant Noodles, Soups, Sauces, Jam etc.

Home Care: Toilet, Floor, Glass and Dish cleaners, Detergents, Air Fresheners, Paper Napkins, Foils etc. * Equate Equate is a brand of personal care products that helps customers stay healthier and happier for less. Our range of Equate products includes Oral Care, Bar and Liquid Soaps, Baby Care Products and Cosmetics. * Homesteads It enable consumers to access the latest trends of home furnishing and house ware at a price they can afford without compromising on quality.

Products includes Crockery, Cookware, Glassware, Table Ware, Kitchen Tools and Furnishings and Home D©cord. * George George is a international apparel and accessory brand sold in global fashion markets such as the united Kingdom, Japan and France. George caters for the entire family’s needs through products that are smart, original yet great value for money. 4. Brands Operating in USA- Cam’s Choice, Great Value, Equate,Mainstays, 01′ Roy, Dir. Thunder, Special Kitty, Parent’s Choice, White Stag, George. Additional Brands- Apparel , Homeliness, 5.

Strategy – Always low prices with wide range of pricing, value for money, best quality at charged rice, complete shopping experience, constant Improvement In basic business operations, adaptations to local culture , customer focus and personalized customer service, market penetration by selecting most convenient locations, Speed to market, emphasis on store design, modern shopping-one stop shopping, private branding, concentrates on middle class, In store merchandise display with full line department store and full product lines, consumer centric sales, targeted marketing and least cost of packaging.

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