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HIV has moved from being an ordinary disease to a pandemic that is impacting people universe broad. Schemes have been developed and are still being formulated on the manner frontward to battle this threat and forestalling farther spread of the disease. Unfortunately Africa is the hardest hit bring forthing the first 20 states with the highest prevalence rates. More than 60 % of the grownup population is populating positively with the virus. In the US the narrative is different with diminution of prevalence rate traveling down drastically but the incidence rate is of all time increasing.

There are the traditional ways that so far have been used to battle HIV/AIDS which include: Abstaining from sexual Acts of the Apostless until at least one is married. being faithful to one spouse without exchanging spouses now and so and if the two methods do non work. one can ensue to utilizing bar ( rubber ) particularly among the young person. The chief end of this paper ( survey ) is to convey down the prevalence rate of HIV countrywide and world-wide by seeking to turn to some myths and beliefs that are associated with HIV stigmatisation. Disparities in race are some of the chief countries of reference.

The other ends that are in some ways encompassed in this chief aim are to minimise the figure of people at high hazards of conveying or being effected by the virus. The other purpose of this study is to turn to the issue of acquiring people to cognize their HIV position particularly those that do non cognize and are populating positively with the virus. The 3rd end of this study is formation of a web of people populating with HIV/AIDS which will be like a societal group for acquiring moral and fiscal support. These webs will move as the connexion between organisations that want to supervise HIV advancement and people populating positively ( CDC. 2007 ) .

For accomplishment of these ends. a batch of inter bureau cooperation and non governmental organisations ( non net income organisation ) input would be required non defying some schemes that have to drafted and enforced for entire success. Success of these schemes will depend on the country where they are being applied. For case reference of poorness is a scheme that can be applied in Africa but non in the developed states like Europe and US. This will be seeking to authorise people economically so that they will non hold to work their gender for upkeep which spreads the HIV disease even more.

A 2nd scheme that would be effectual is supervising the morbidity and mortality originating from HIV so that use of financess for HIV plan may be planned and allocated consequently. This goes a long manner in forestalling the peculation of financess intended for this plan. Another scheme that can work good is seting in topographic point preventative plans and reding centres. This is best undertaken through runs and forming for workshops that are aimed at educating the multitudes on the HIV pandemic. The best tool here to use is the media both electronic ( internet Television and wireless ) and printed.

This is the best overall thought and would work best for Africa which has the highest prevalence rates and besides the poorest continent ( CDC 2007 ) . Program appraisal and policy preparation is a farther maneuver that can be effectual in the battle against HIV/AIDS. This will imply a batch of research and informations aggregation that will use a batch of subjects to be effectual. The information to be collected will be from the affected people therefore the statistics collected will be based on existent Numberss and non estimations. This will ask the use of questionnaires and testing of the population to come up with informations.

This scheme will closely work with another that aims at constructing a database that will be for organizing the map of all the organisations that are involved in assorted facets of supervising HIV globally. This database will be in signifier of a nexus that will be a aggregation of the assorted plans that have been developed since the pandemic started. Many of the organisation here will be divided into assorted groups like those that offer reding services and instruction to the populace. those that offer fiscal aid to people affected in order to procure ex post facto viral drugs or for general care ( CDC. 2007 ) .

On top of all these schemes. a batch of finance is required to back up the assorted activities that are needed to maintain the machines of preventative schemes working. The money can be allocated to different activities related to HIV researches like innovation of the elusive vaccinum. Guidance activities besides require much funding and preventative guidance is preferred since when the populace has been educated about the dangers and ways through which one gets HIV. it will forestall many unprecedented instances that happen by opportunity and ignorance.

As we seek ways to cover with HIV. other related sexually familial diseases should non be forgotten because they occur at the same time and they can be used as indexs of topographic points with high incidence of HIV particularly when the existent statistics are unavailable ( CDC 2007 ) . In order for successful HIV bar and drastic decrease of its prevalence rate. many non governmental organisations from states across the Earth and governmental cooperation is required. This will further beef uping and invention of the bing schemes and if need be new tactics be formulated.

The schemes lined supra will be implemented in different parts of the Earth which hence calls for many implementing agents in those states which will be guided by the societal norms at that place. The pandemic is impacting everyone straight or indirectly therefore the effects in Africa will finally be felt in Europe and America. Reference CDC. ( 2007 ) Interpretation and Discussion of Findings. Retrieved 24 April 2009 from & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: //www. Center for Disease Control and Prevention. gov/hiv/topics/testing/resource/reports/hivprevalence/interpretation. htm & gt ; .

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