Glencoe Physics Chapter 14

Time needed for an object to complete one full cycle

More than one wave that moves through the same medium and time

Any point that does not experience displacement

Disturbance that carries energy through matter

Logitudinal Wave
Wave in which the disturbance is parallel to the direction travel

Maximum distance an object in harmonic motion moves from equilibrium

Lowest point of a transverse wave

Shortest distance between two points where wave repeats

Periodic Motion
Motion that repeats in a cycle

When two waves interfere at the point of greatest displacement

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Transverse Wave
Travels in a direction perpindicular to its displacement

Number of oscillations a wave makes each second

Refers to the change in direction waves experience at the boundary between two different media

The highest point in a wave

simple harmonic
the back forth vibratory motion of a swinging pendulum

law of reflection
the angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection

something that hangs and swings back and forth

incident wave
A wave that strikes the boundary between two media

a straight line extending from a point

reflected wave
wave that bounces back from a barrier

having the character of a loud deep sound

standing wave
a wave that appears to stand in one place, even though it is really two waves interfering as they pass through each other

the placement of one thing on top of another

surface wave
A wave that occurs at the surface between two mediums

wave front
all the points just reached by a wave as it propagates

wave pulse
a single disturbance or pulse that travels through a medium

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