Glassware and General Equipment Information

You will have three __________ __________.
These are useful for __________, but again the volumes are very approximate.
In addition, you will have a larger round flask, called a __________ __________.
1) Erlenmeyer flask
2) Titrations
3) Florence flask
You will have two __________ __________.
These are calibrated more accurately than the Erlenmeyer flasks.
1) Graduate cylinders
You will have a round piece of glass called a __________ __________ and a thin-walled porcelain cup called an __________ __________.
1) Watch glass
2) Evaporating dish
You will have 2 sizes of test tube.
One of the large test tubes will have no lip and be made of much thicker glass; it is known as an __________ tube, because it can stand the forces for burning samples in it.
The other tubes can be nested in the test tubes rack.
1) Ignition
You will have medicine droppers, a funnel, and a thermometer.
In addition to glass rods called __________ __________, you will have a rod (either metal or glass) with a loop of metal wire in the end of it; this is called a __________ __________.
The wire is a special alloy of __________ and __________.
When a material is placed on the loop and put in a flame, the material “burns” off emitting a color that can help to identify it.
1) Stirring rods
2) Nichrome wire
3) Nickel
4) Chromium
You will have a __________ and lid for heating materials to a high temperature.
1) Crucible
You will have a __________ __________ which will usually contain deionized water.
It is useful to transfer material and help in titrations.
Another plastic bottle with a lid called a __________ __________ will also be provided.
1) Wash bottle
2) Glass bottle
The __________ __________ is used to distribute heat from the microburner over the bottom of the material being heated.
1) Wire gauze
The __________ __________ are used to grab hot objects, like a crucible.
1) Crucible tongs
The __________ __________ __________ allows you to hold a test tube when it’s hot or when you don’t want to spill the contents onto your skin.
1) Test tube clamp
The __________ __________ (also called a utility clamp) will allow you to clamp items like burets, flasks, test tubes, to a ring stand.
It has adjustments to control the height on the stand, the pressure on the glassware, and the angle with the ring stand.
1) Buret clamp
The microburner is erroneously called a __________ __________.
It is only a __________ __________ with one particular arrangement of controls.
The slits in the sleeve control the amount of air.
The burn comes with a length of hose to attach it to a gas port.
1) Bunsen burner
2) Bunsen burner
The drawer will also contain a ruler, a 24-well plate, a clay __________, brushes for cleaning the glassware, and a curved strip of metal called a __________ that is used to scoop reagents out of bottles and beakers.
1) Triangle
2) Scoopula
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