Glasses Castle

Millissa Rosario
Eng. 088
pg. 44-65
The Glasses Castle
At twilight, once. The Sun were beautiful the mountains. Next the door that one of old lady was saw there a bats, the bats come to her living room in the house. She was yelled, Help and away from the bats. They were come to help her in the house, away the bats out of the window. Dad thinking; he come to asked mom. Why she keeping her pregnant and how long she had pregnant for 10 month. Dad wanted her give a birth the baby but mom didn’t want a birth the baby. She want to keep her pregnant because she is confidence with her inside pregnant. Dad was yell her out of the baby and they were argue a while dad drive on ways. She got set up at dad’s blasphemy, reached her foot over to the drive’s side, and stomped on the brake it. At night, mom bolted out of the car and ran away. Dads said, stop and got in the car, right now. Mom yell ran away. The children were cried and scary so, dad was follow her parallel walk a while dark in the Night. However, dad had hard to see the fog but he drove’s light on her walk away. Dad said, got in the car, and bad language of her. Mom was calling dad but she was blanket-blank. Mom went to get in the car because she tired her walk so far. She got pain her pregnant. Dad worried her inside the baby and everyone quiet. Next the day, they went to rent for living in the apartment. Mom cut dad’s hair and found a job for dad. He had a job at farmland and He could get rich turn the desert into farmland. Also, he dug a bunch of lettuce, grapes and broccoli right there middle of all the cactus and sagebrush. They went to eat for lettuce until they were stomached. Mom said, Dad never like to brag. Dad was proud that he has to take on our big, tougher kids. Two months after, they went to blythe. Mom said, she was twelve months pregnant. She at last give a birth. After she was at hospital, the baby went without a name for weeks. They were argue it over her name… Grandma want her…