Girls and Boys Should Not Be in Separate Classes

Classes Should be Co-ed
Along with the development of economy and science, education plays a more and more important role and has become the most basic and effective impelling force of national development. People are focusing now more than ever on education systems. Many people believe that separating of girls and boys in different classrooms is a great tool to improve the level of success in their education. In fact, one of the UK’s most famous girls’ schools has announced it will be taking in boys for the first time. It is a trend that education academics say that co-ed classes are occurring all over the world.
One of the reasons why students should not be separated into boys and girls is that If a child doesn’t work with the opposite gender in an early age, then it will be harder for that person to have a different thinking ability in the future. Boys and girls can learn from each other because they have diverse thinking skills and talent. Schools must focus on the overall development of each student. If boys and girls stay in the same class, they can learn from each other’s thinking methods and ideas. In this way, they can learn how to communicate with each other, so that they will know how to respect and support their classmates which will be necessary for the further life of young people. Moreover, students will keep discipline when there are some girls in a class. Boys will try to be gentlemen. In a word, co-ed classes have much more advantages than the single-sex classes.
As a coin has two sides, being separated also have some advantages. A research has found that children could achieve higher marks in single-sex classes than in co-ed classes. The reason is that boys’ and girls’ brains do things in different methods and thoughts, so single-sex classes can use this advantage to cater them in different learning styles and education systems.
In summary, I would like to conclude that boys and girls should be educated in separate classrooms for their…