Giraffe Essay

What I’m traveling to speak about is the camelopard home ground. behaviour. what a giraffes expressions like. A giraffes home ground is in East Africa and Zambia in south Africa. Until the center of the twentieth centrey camelopard were besides normally found in West Africa. South of Sahara. But the population declined over the old ages. The declined to the camelopard population has mostly been to runing from the worlds. Giraffes chances for survival goods populating in national Parkss.

The giraffes behaviour! One of the most dramatic elements of the camelopard behaviour is the affaire d’honneur between males contending for a mate. When the males duel they are one if the most powerful 1s in the carnal land. When the males duel they start by nearing each other and get down to rub and entwine their cervixs together. This behavior- is know as necking- . Shows who’s alien or bigger in size.

What a giraffe expressions like. A camelopard has a really long lingua to get down with. Its lingua is 18 inches long. that is longer so a adults arm. It weighs 25 lbs. A giraffes bosom is 2 pess long. The cervix of a camelopard is normally 1. 5-1. 8 metres long ( when it is to the full grown. Worlds and camelopards have 7 cervix castanetss that are the same.

What the camelopard chows. Giraffes eat branchlets of trees. But they instead prefer works and they are mimso genus. but it appears that they like to eat vegetable nutrient instead than all the other things that they eat. They can eat 63kg of foliages and branchlets dailey. They eat 75 pools of foliages entirely DAILEY! ( tipicly African leaves. )

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