Gerontology test two

Which of the following illustrates a change in the american family today?
the post parental stage of life lasts longer

bonds between___ tend to be second only to mother-child ties in intensity and complexity

Having more sisters in the family
increases the level of care to the parents

urban elders, in contrast to rural elders
interact more with their children

the ___ generation family is becoming common in the current population

grandparents who have taken responsibility for raising their grandchildren are likely to experience all of the following except
stress from having little contact with the child’s parent

research suggests that, compared to grandparents in other societies, american grandparents
play a background, supportive role, especially in times of crisis

studies of friendship among the elderly have found
most elderly friends keep in touch weekly

in elderly women’s friendship networks
the essential elements of friendship, understanding, affection, trust, and acceptance-endure over time

a companion is defined as
someone who regularly shares in activities with you

the elderly are most likely to join a
lodge or fraternal organization

studies of voluntary participation that controlled for social class found
being a joiner is related to middle or upper class lifestyle, and aging doesn’t necessarily change lifestyle

most senior centers operate under
churches and unions

women are most likely to be keepers of the networks of older people for all of the following reasons except
elders tend to be both geographically closer to the women in their networks

the femaleness principle refers to the
more central roles of women in the network of unmarried people

religiosity refers to
interaction with organized religion

Spiritual well being refers to
having a psychological sense of purpose and meaning

which ethnic group was found to traditionally use the church as a powerful source of social support
african americans

people age 65 or older are
most likely of any age group to belong to church affiliated organizations

what are some of the factors that discourage remarriage in old age
pressure from children
respect for the deceased spouse
and fear of ridicule

the concept of___ refers to the need to be close to, part of, and familiar with another person

of the over 65 population in the us___ are married and live with a spouse
just under half

research findings regarding marriage show
marriage is associated with a lower risk of coronary heart disease for men

recent research on retirement suggests
retirement is a process

marital satisfaction tends to
decline after the early years, level off in the middle years, and increase during the post-retirement years

gender comparisons of marriage and widowhood statuses reveal
two thirds of women over 75 are widows

grief work
revers to the healthy confrontation and acknowledgment of the emotions brought about by death

which of the following widows are likely to suffer the most from the death of her spouse?
a woman in a traditional marriage

a widow who experiences identity foreclosure is likely to
transform her personal identity

widowers are more likely than married men to die from
suicide, accidents and heard disease

___ of all married couple households, at least one spouse had a previous marriage that ended in divorce or widowhood

at the end of the 19th century, the average length of marriage prior to widowhood was 28 years, now it’s over __ years

elder never married singles
report parallel levels of life satisfaction with married persons

research on sexuality shows
sexuality is central to our lives even in chronic illness or death of a spouse

sexuality of older people is largely invisible for all of the following reasons except
the majority of older people have lost the desire and physiological capacity to have sex

a study of body attitudes and self esteem found
men and women with good self esteem also had good body attitudes regardless of age

studies show that nursing homes can address sexuality by doing what
improving privacy and educating staff

in their studies of sexuality, masters and Johnson found that as men age
it takes longer for them to get an erection

masters and johnson found in their study of sexuality that older women
take longer to lubricate

at any age which health problem interfere with sexual function
diabetes, alcoholism, and anxiety

according to your next text, what year were 70% american men over the age of 65 employed

trends in labor force participation from 1970 to 1955 show___ in labor force participation of the elderly
a precipitous drop

compared to middle age workers today, the cohorts who have retired since the 1970s
were less likely to have pension plans

studies show that more than one in every___ older americans who retire return back to work at least part time

sixty five became the age for retirement when
the social security act was passed in 1935

the mommy track refers to
women entering the labor force and then leaving it upon the birth of a child

most baby boomers say they would like to retire at age

all of the following have contributed to retirement trends in the us except
most companies offer incentives for workers to continue working behind age 65

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