Geography 1-3

The study of people, places and environments
The physical surroundings of a location
Where a place is located and its physical relationship to other places people and environments.
An exact position using latitude, and longitude, or a description of a place in relation to places around it.
A geographical term that describes the physical characteristics (mountain or rivers) and human characteristics (the people who live there) of a location.
An area that has one or more common characteristics that unite or connect it with other areas.
An image in which there is a sense of depth and perspective.
The Five Themes of Geography
1. Location
2. Place
3. Region
4. Movement
5. Human-Environment Interaction
How do people, goods and ideas move from one location to another?
Movement of people, goods and ideas changes places and regions and the people who live there.
Human-Environment Interaction
How do people relate to the physical world?
Humans adapt to their environment and change elements of it.
Six Essential Elements
1. The world in spatial terms
2. Places and regions
3. Physical systems
4. Human systems
5. Environment and society
6. The uses of geography
Why do geographers use the six key elements or ideas?
To help them understand people, places and environments on the earth.
The World in Spatial Terms
Geographers study the locations of places and distributions of patterns of features by using maps, data and other geographic tools. Knowing about the world in spatial terms helps geographers understand about physical and human patterns.
Places and Regions
Geographers look for characteristics of places and then compare their similarities and differences.
Physical Systems
Geographer’s study changes in the Earth’s surface. Where and why people choose to live in certain locations may depend on Earth’s surface conditions.
Human Systems
Geographer’s study human settlement patterns and use of resources. This information helps explain human interactions and lifestyles.
Environment and Society
Geographer’s study how people interact with the environment and how they use resources.
The Uses of Geography
Geographer’s study patterns and processes in the world. This information helps people understand the past and plan for the future.
Geographer’s study patterns and processes in the world. This information helps people understand the past and plan for the future.
What are two questions geographers try to answer?
Where are things located?
Why are they there?
What two different methods to geographers use to organize geographic information?
The five themes
The six essential elements of geography
A model of the earth in the shape of a sphere.
A representation of part of the earth.
A geographer who creates maps.
A person who measures the land.
Remote Sensing
Obtaining information about a site by using an instrument that is not physically in contact with the site.
A series of information gathering satellites that orbit above Earth.
Global Positioning System (GPS)
A system that uses a network of Earth-orbiting satellites to pinpoint location.
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
A computer or internet based mapping technology.
A collection of information that can be analyzed.
The scattered remains of something broken or destroyed.
In their work, geographers use
Who is the Greek who wrote a 17-volume Geography that is the main source for information about the world known to the ancient Greeks and Romans?
GOES is an acronym for what?
Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite
What kind of satellite is GOES?
GOES flies in an orbit the same speed as what?
Earth’s rotation
The speed of the rotation of GOES allows it to remain what?
Stationary or “fixed”
What images does GOES gather and how are they used?
GOES gathers images of conditions used to forecast the weather.
When do you see GOES images?
When you watch a TV weather forecast.
Where can GPS be used?
From any point of the Earth and in any weather conditions
Data from a GPS can answer what two questions?
Where am I?
Where am I going?
GPS can be used for four things.
To determine ?
To aid in ? from place to place.
To create ? .
To trace the movement of ? and ?
People Things
What do animal biologists use GPS to track?
Animals and learn about their habitats.
Name Three Mapping Styles
Road Maps
Satellite Maps
Infrared Images
What kind of geographic information can GIS integrate?
Aerial photographs
Satellite images
GIS is able to ?, ?, ? and ? spatial information about places.
Name four ways GIS can display data.
GIS makes it possible for geographers to do what three things.
Better able to see relationships between data
Understand the past and present
Predict future situations
Location Analyst
A person who studies an area to find the best location for a client
A geographer who studies climates
Urban Planner
A person who creates plans for developing and improving parts of a city
The study of how the shape of the Earth changes
A person who maps and measures the land
Geographic Information System (GIS)
A computer based mapping technology
Having to do with a city
The Association of American Geographers lists how many types of geography jobs?
Over 150
What is a geographer’s main activity?
Analyzing geographic information to answer geographic questions
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