Geo 110 Ch. 1

AKA Meridians, run up and down from east to west

Human Geography
the study of how people, objects, or ideas are, or are not, related to one another across space

The making of maps

Through which ocean does the longitude line at 180° run
The Pacific Ocean

Cartographers solve the problem of showing the spherical Earth on a flat piece of paper by using

In 2009, Earth’s population was approximately
6.8 Billion

Central to the study of geography are the questions ________ and ________.
Where & Why

Geographic Inquiry
Similar to Scientific Method

Several African countries are experiencing sharply lowered life expectancies due to:

In some of the countries of Central Europe, the population is aging and declining due to
Low Birth and Death Rates

Why do most societies prefer boys over girls?
Boys typically earn more than girls, have more power in society, and they perpetuate the family name.

The “double day” refers to a situation in which
When women work in both jobs outside the home and perform household duties.

In a country with traditional gender roles, men are more likely to serve as ____________ while women serve as ________________.
fulfillers of public roles, fulfillers of private roles

Extractive Resource
Resources that must be mined from the Earth’s surface or grown from soil

Human Developmental Index (HDI)
Ranks countries in terms of well being. Based on Life Expentency, Educational Attainment, & and income adjusted to PPP.

The 2007 spike in world corn prices was brought about by
Alot of corn was used to produce ethanol, causing a shortage.

What is the term for farming that meets human needs without degrading or depleting the environment?
Sustainable Agriculture

What percentage of Earth’s population now lives in cities?
About 50%

The push/pull phenomenon of urbanization pushes people out of __________ and pulls them into _______________.
Rural areas, the city

a deprived area on the outskirts of a town consisting of large numbers of crude dwellings. (AKA Barrio, Favela, Tent Village, ect.)

In a large city, wealthy residents are most likely to live in
High Rise Apartments

In the British Caribbean colonies, slaves from ___________ wore garments made of cloth woven in _____________ from cotton grown in __________________.
Africa, England, British India

The key players in the global economy today are
Large Corporations

What is the key goal of multinational corporations?
to make money

What institution initiated the expansion of long-distance trade?
Caribbean Slave Plantations

What mechanisms have national governments used to protect their economies and industries from foreign competition?
Trade restrictions (Import Quotas and Tariffs)

The transition toward political systems guided by competitive elections is called

The opposite of capitalism is

“Ethnic cleansing” is sometimes a euphemism for

The term used to describe a nation’s right to conduct its internal affairs as it sees fit, without interference from outside, is

The United Nations is composed of
192 Members

What term is used to describe the strategies used by a given country that are intended to serve its interests in international relations

Water scarcity is the result of all of the following
Water Pollution, Drought, & Flooding

How much water does the average human require daily to meet basic domestic needs
Anywhere from 20- 50 liters.

Virtual Water
Volume of water used to produce all that a person consumes in a year.

What percentage of the world’s population does NOT have access to clean water?
1/6 or 16.67%

A common disease caused by polluted water is

The loss of trees and forest organisms to deforestation accounts for as much as _____percent of the world’s CO2.

A likely result of polar ice caps melting is
Higher water levels and flooding

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