Genetics Study Guide

Why did Mendel use Pea Plants?
1. They grow quickly
2. Came in many varieties
3. ability to self-pollinate

Explain Mendel’s experiment with the 3 generations:
First, he produced true-breeding strains of pea plants. He did this by allowing them to self-fertilize. Next, Mendel crossed the two different varieties in the P1 generation. Finally, Mendel allowed the F1 generation plants to self-fertilize. He called the offspring produced the second filial, or F2 generation.

has two different alleles for a trait
ex: Tt Hh Rr

2 alleles for a trait are the same
ex: TT HH RR

the expressed form of the trait (the trait that is visible); represented by capital letters

the trait that is not expressed when the dominant form of the trait is present; represented by lower case letters

are used to visualize all the possible combinations of alleles from the parents.
Punnett Squares

What do the letters represent?

For each inherited trait an individual has __ copies of the gene- one from each _________
2, parent

are different gene forms (different versions)

each allele can be passed on when the___________________
individual reproduces

What did Mendel describe the trait that was being expressed described as?

what did mendel describe the trait that was not expressed?

cross between individuals that have different alleles for the same gene
Dihybrid cross

the gene combination an organism contains

the way an organism looks. the physical expression of a trait

Mendel’s ideas were often referred to as…?
the laws of heredity

-the first law of heredity describes the behavior of chromosomes during meiosis when homologous chromosomes and then chromatids are separated
-states that the two alleles for a trait separate when gametes are formed
law of segregation

states that the alleles of different genes separate independently of one another during gamete formation
law of independent assortment

the alleles for a plant height separate independently of the alleles for flower color. This is an example of…? and why does this happen?
Example of Law of Independent Assortment. Because we know that this law applies only to genes that are located of different chromosomes or that are far apart on the same chromosome

it appears in both sexes equally, it does not involve sex chromosomes
autosomal trait

what are the 22 pairs of matching homologous chromosomes called?

_____is a chromosome other than X or Y chromosomes.

traits controlled by genes located on sex chromosomes
sex-linked traits

the chromosomes that control the inheritance of sex characteristics are indicated by the letters
X and Y

if you are female, ___________, your 23rd pair of chromosomes look alike

if you are a male, _________, your 23rd pair of chromosomes looks different

If a trait is sex linked, it is usually seen only in…?

most sex-linked traits are… dominant or recessive?

________is an individual that has one copy of the recessive allele but does not have the disease

a trait controlled by 2 or more genes, occurs when many genes interact to produce a single trait
Polygenic Inheritance

eye color, height, weight, and skin color are examples of…
polygenic traits

the phenotype of a heterozygote is a mixture between those of the two homozygotes (appearing halfway between the two parents) , its a mix between the phenotype of the two parents, neither allele of the pair is completely dominant but comine and display a new trait
incomplete dominance

why do you use all capital letters when doing incomplete dominant problems?
to show that it is different from the traditional genetic cross

the equal expression of both alleles ~ both traits are displayed

what is it called when both alleles are expressed equally?

when a gene has 3 or more alleles for a trait
multiple alleles

a capital i “I” is used to show?
multiple alleles

how are human blood types determined?
by the presence or absence of certain molecules on the surfaces of red blood cells

When IA and IB are both present in the genotype, they are considered…?
codominant (equal expression)

bloody type A’s genotype:
Homo- IAIA
Hetero- IAi

type B’s genotype:
homo- IBIB
hetero- IBi

type AB’s genotype:

type O’s genotype:

who was the father of genetics?
gregor mendel

what types of characteristics did mendel choose to study?
plant height, seed shape, flower color

means that it contains both female and male reproductive organs

occurs when you remove the anther from a self-pollinating plant and replace it with pollen form another plant

is the branch of biology that studies heredity

is the passing of characteristics from parents to offspring

are the characteristics that are inherited

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