Genetic Engineering Will Eventually Prove

This may pose a huge problem for vegetarians since animal genes are sometimes used to modify plant genes. For example, fish genes are inserted into strawberries to make them resistant to climatic conditions and make them available throughout the year. Vegetarians may be unable to follow their fasting. They might eventually have to go against their own religion and ways. Hence, a whole culture would disappear and this would greatly affect the diversity of the world.

Moreover, many scientists lain that the consumption of genetically modified food is harmless as stomach acid destroys the genetic engineered material during digestion. However, Gems pose a serious risk which we barely understand. For example, in 1 996, a soybean variety was engineered to resist a certain herbicide. It has been removed from sale, however, after it was discovered that a Brazilian nut gene had been inserted into the soybean’s DNA. This caused an allergic reaction with some people who could not ingest any nut containing products.

However, genetic engineering has also brought about some benefits. The environment can improve with genetic engineering. For example, cloning endangered species or by creating organisms that prevent pollution. Also, certain bacteria can create a biodegradable plastic. It would be possible to implant the gene responsible for the production of the plastic from the bacteria into a plant and this plant could produce this plastic. The latter would then be cheap and biodegradable. Equally, some couples are unable to incisive naturally.

Reproductive cloning could be an alternate solution to natural reproduction. These couples would then not have recourse to surrogate mothers, sperm banks or have to adopt a child. Test tube babies which were originally meant for these couples are now being used by couples of the same sex. In a nutshell, it can be said that genetic engineering has given a new dimension to Man’s life. It is true that it also has a dark side which should not be ignored. However, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

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