Genetic Engineering: two genes RASA and SUCH

It is an amazing technology, and we can use it in so many different ways to enhance people’s quality of life, such as in some ways it can improve people’s characteristics, or it can prevent some diseases which are incurable, and it also can benefit our society. First, genetic engineering can improve people’s characteristics. Everybody wants to live longer. How can we increasing our life span? Research shows that a scientist developed a kind of yeast which can live for 10 weeks but the normal yeast usually can only live for 1 week.

Genetic engineering was used o remove two genes RASA and SUCH which can cause the normal yeast to aging and to decrease the heat absorption of yeast. This action made the yeast lived 10 times longer than normal yeast. Maybe one day in the future scientists can use the genetic engineering to remove the genes which make human age to increase humans life span. If this becomes true, human will be able to live two, three or even ten times longer than how long human can live now is getting possible. Besides, most people want to get the super-powers such as night vision. Owl is a kind of bird with the ability of night vision.

Owl’s acuity at night is 100 times than human beings. Rod-shaped cells like condensers can change the most meager lights into the visual impression. Owls have the 10 times number of Rod-shaped cells than human beings. If scientists can use the genetic engineering to implant the genes what can produce more Rod-shaped cells into humans body, maybe all the human can get the ability of night vision in the future. I can sure about that if we can use the genetic engineering correctly, it will improve people’s characteristics. Another point is genetic engineering can prevent some diseases which are incurable.

Imagine in a disease free world, scientists overcome the diseases that we don’t currently have a cure for, and people will no longer suffer from the physical pain caused by the diseases. Is that amazing? Genetic engineering can help us achieve this. Scientists found that children who have Down syndrome have close to a 90% reduction in the incidence of many cancers. If scientists can find out the genes which can prevent cancers from the children who have Down syndrome and implant the genes into normal humans body, the cancer will no longer be a big threat for human beings.

In edition, there are some diseases we cannot prevent from the root causes, people just get it and die. Genetic engineering can help us solve this problem from another way. Nowadays, so many countries are developing the cloning technology, and they can use cloning to produce an individual just from one cell. The individual has the same characteristic as the original where the cell comes from. Maybe in the future scientists can use cloning to clone damaged organs. When a part in our body is broken, we change it into a new one. Through this technology, we will not be afraid of any kinds of diseases.

All in al, in the future, Genetic Engineering must be an important technology for human to prevent the diseases which are incurable. The last point is that Genetic Engineering can benefit our society. When I was in China, I saw a program on TV. It showed us a boy who has an extra leg stick out from his stomach, and this leg grew when the boy grew up. The legs absorption of the nutrients caused him to not be able to live in a normal life even threat to the boy’s life. The school thinks he is strange, so he cannot go to class. His body grew up very slow and others children all do not want to be friends with him.

How can a person live if he was born with a deformity like the little boy? Should he just wait for his death? We all do not want these things happens. Genetic engineering can help us. When a life is an embryo, doctor can see how the life is growing. When there is something wrong in the embryo, doctor can use the genetic engineering to solve the problem. They can remove the extra part of the embryo or add the kind of genes which are shortage in the embryo. It can guarantee all the people born in the same way, no strange ones and everybody can live normally.

In other cases, genetic engineering can help the socials development. Before a new life was born, scientists can use the Genetic Engineering to add the genes which can make people have high IQ or remove the genes which can influence people and led people to foolish. If this becomes true, all the people live in the earth have high IQ, and all people can learn things easier and faster. People will produce more high technology things, and our society will develop very fast. If we can use the genetic engineering wisely, it will benefit our society from many different ways.

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