Genetic Engineering

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“Scientific alteration of the structure of genetic material in a living organism. It involves the production and use of recombinant DNA”. This type of science involves reproductive cells, changing genes not in Just on patient but for their entire ascendancy (human genetic alert. Org). Basically this type of science Human genetic engineering is such an ethical dilemma because many people believe that it Is overstepping human nature’s boundaries and falling into a world that Is not supposed to be up to human decision.

Many people’s religious values believe genetic engineering Is wrong. Even some people who are non religious also believe It Is too for science to be determining genetics. Others argue that Human Genetic Engineering will help reduce the world of Incurable diseases and other negative Inherited traits. Human Genetic Engineering could the future of and also be the next step In human evolution. By being able to change certain harmful genes In reproductive cells we have the power to be able to completely wipe out Incurable diseases like Autism, , and Cystic (Genome. Of). Using modern genetic technology we can screen expectant parents to see if their children are at risk for certain diseases, and then with Human Genetic Engineering we can alter that child’s genetic makeup in order for them to be born healthy and strong. Right now genetically engineered bacteria and microorganisms are being used to create human insulin and other pharmaceutical that are helping people every day. Another example of Genetic engineering is a case study involving a group of people suffering from kidney failure (Missouri Ethics. ). A group of people with a 10-20 percent chance of survival regained healthy kidney behavior due to a hybrid kidney created through tissue engineering. Since the beginning of time humans have improved qualities in themselves by natural selection. The human race has survived for this long because we slowly “weed out” weak links in our race naturally. Human Genetic engineering is a sped up version of natural selection. We work every day to become healthier, more beautiful, stronger, faster, smarter humans.

Parents do everything in their power to help their kids fulfill their potential In the listed areas and more. If people pursue education to get smarter, and go through with cosmetic surgery to become more beautiful why would It not be worth it to achieve these through genetics? (Missouri Ethics. Dude) Genetic Engineering By Alex Philips l is overstepping human nature’s boundaries and falling into a world that is not engineering is wrong.

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