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Selected Chapters: 3, 6, 11, 12, and 27 Chapter 3: Adam and Eve disobey. When

viewing this chapter and reflecting on my own life, I see that sin, individually

and collectively, is a choice. The choices I have made to sin are all to

embarrassing as well as shameful to put on a paper such as this but relating to

the way each sin was proposed, indulges me to believe that Satan is not very

creative. Both in the garden and in my life the first thing I often see

happening is that Satan takes my focus off the blessings I have and redirects my

thinking about what is prohibited. Ever increasingly every sin I have committed

looked as enticing as the fruit was to Eve. Although the text does not address

the full detail of how Adam was influenced to take part in the sin, it is

evidently clear that Satan has not changed his tactics much in using peer

pressure to his advantage. The choice made in the garden has been nothing more

than a mirror image of how sin operates today. Satan continually uses

half-truths and indulges our desires for something more. With all of this said,

I will continue to try and make the right choices. ? Chapter 6:

Wickedness brings sorrow to God Unfortunately, when reflecting on what I have

both experienced and observed, wickedness is an issue that often I must address

with those whom I associate with. While I was in the Navy it was common to find

myself in with the wrong crowd. I knew that the sexual immorality they were

involved in was wrong but did not care to indulge in the same activities. I have

seen marriages destroyed, even death result from such immoral behavior.

Wickedness brings sorrow not only to God but also to everyone involved. Richard

Erwin Page 2 OT Book Study (Genesis) Readers Reflection Paper ?

Chapter 11: The Tower of Babel One of the most frustrating things I believe I

have experienced is the difficulty of communicating in a foreign land. I, being

in the Navy, traveled to many countries where English was not the primary

language. Communication is a key factor in everything we do. Relationship of any

sort starts with communication. The lesson I walk away with as I read this

chapter is the distance God demonstrates that can occur when things are not as

they should be. ? Chapter 12: God calls Abram When God calls, how should

I answer? This question arose in my mind as a seventh grader at a Christian

school. I felt maybe there was more God wanted out of me. Well, as a seventh

grader, leaving my country was not a feasible option, but it did relate that

listening and communing daily with God was a key to relationship and this new

concept of covenant. To be like Abraham, what an aspiration. ? Chapter

27: Esau and Jacob What happens when something we are expecting is taken from

us? I can relate so well to what Esau felt as something he rightfully deserved

was taken. Without going into great detail, a certain item was promised to me by

my grandmother. After she died One of my sisters claimed it. I was hurt, bitter,

and resentful. I was not so angry as to plot to kill her like Esau, but angry. I

soon learned that a bitter pill is better if it is just swallowed.


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