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One can get an initial understanding of organisational performance and its challenge of efficiency by beginning at the level of individual workers, where performance reviews take place under many names, including performance assessment, performance appraisal, and merit rating.

Usually the ratings are made at periodic intervals. A merit rating thus becomes a permanent part of an employee’s record with a given company, and, at least in theory, is a part of the record that may be used by management in subsequent promotion, transfer, or layoff.Although efficiency or workplace productivity is the primary criterion, individual performance may also be evaluated by such criteria as absenteeism, dependability, problem-solving ability, project management, and work ethic, as well as professional and community service. Over time, changes entails not only asking “How much was this individual’s performance contributing to the organisation? ” but also “How much was the organisation contributing to this individual’s performance?” (Auslander 1999).

Organisational theorists often describe this change in the performance review process as moving the managerial emphasis from controlling workers to empowering them, from giving orders to creating participatory interactions (Jaffee 2001; TUC 2005). Leadership Research stresses the importance of the leader’s flexibility and capability to adapt to his or her environment when arguing the effectiveness of a work life approach as a performance indicator.An effective leader would understand not only their environment and people but also understand the potential for impact upon that environment. By understanding this key element, an effective leader will know how to define the environment.

This is important because employees look to management for guidance (Boddy 2002, p. 41). The leader defines the boundaries for the team and created an atmosphere for building relationships and open communication. This in turn creates stronger teams.

Discussion and FindingsTo further build on the concepts found in literature, it is important to see the correlation between organisational health and the benefit of work life balance as a means to improve performance of the employee. Still it was found that there is not a concrete way any organisation can effectively measure such a concept. Instead the organisation and its leaders must look to creativity as a means of promoting flexibility and therefore an environment where work life balance can be accepted as an organisational value.It is that simple (Bennis and Biederman 1997, p. 56). Companies are offering experiences of their own, hoping to spur creativity, encourage learning, and promote ownership of the company’s results.

A handful of visionary leaders, such as General Electric’s chairperson, Jack Welch, are going beyond training seminars to a fundamental reordering of managerial priorities. Meanwhile, a small network of consultants, managers, and academics are working to transform businesses.Believing that the world is undergoing major change, they call for a new paradigm (i. e. , a new framework for seeing and understanding business for the future balance) that will carry humankind beyond the industrial age.

The result is a convergence of managers seeking ways to reverse American companies’ fall from dominance, with thinkers drawn to business, perhaps as the most powerful institution in a global society and globally focused business practices and organisational structures.

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