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Although favoritism phenomena have different faces we would wish to concentrate here on its connexion with adult females and gender equality- both ‘in the kitchen ‘ and in political ‘battlefield ‘ . We would wish to demo and analyse what are the conditions of adult females in presents ‘ Georgia, what sort of favoritism they are confronting, whether it has connexion to the past and in what ways, how it all is reflected in the political activism of adult females and their engagement in political life of the state, what are the ways of covering with gender inequalities etc.

In order to happen the grounds and fall in the yarn of the job of favoritism of past to show we would inevitable demand to look into historical position, analyze the function of adult female in Georgia through centuries and associate it to the modern apprehension of her place presents. And besides what is of import is to look deeper into the beginnings of individuality of Georgians and symbolic paths from which it was developed.

We would seek to look at the job from the positions stated above, but disadvantage of the paper may originate from the enormousness of the analyzed phenomena and the menace of generalisation of some constructs and periods of clip. However, we would seek to touch the most critical points in the nucleus of the analyzed job in Georgia in order to demo as clear image of it as possible.

Georgian individuality and symbolism within it

Designation. Georgia is a transnational state. In 2002, the entire population was 4 371 535, of which 16.2 % were minorities ( 284,000 Azeris, 249,000 Armenians, 68,000 Russians, 7,000 Ukrainians, 2,514 Kurds, 18,329 Yezidis, 15,000 others ) .[ 1 ]

It is incorrect to measure that word “ Georgian ” derives from Saint George, despite the fact that he is the most important figure in Christian symbolism and societal individuality of Georgians, and is said to be the defender of the state, the spirit and state as such.

There are two theories: that the word comes from Iranian “ Gurg ” or “ Gorg ” which means ‘wolf ‘ or from Grecian “ georgios ” , intending “ agriculturist of land, husbandman ” .[ 2 ]However Georgians call themselves otherwise, as ‘Kartvelebi ‘ ( kartvelians ) and land called ‘Sakartvelo ‘ ( which derived from the name of heathen God Kartlos, which is believed to be the ‘father of all Georgians ‘ ) .[ 3 ]

The self-identification is based on lingual tradition and minority groups- different ethno-linguistic groups which are non considered ‘pure ‘ Georgians such as Abkhazians, Armenians, Ossetians, Kurds, Azeri, Greeks etc.

Georgians are divided besides in little ethno-cultural historical entities ( historic-geographical states ) harmonizing to different parts of Georgia ( Kokochashvili, 1998 ) :

A· Western part: Guria, Samegrelo, upper Svaneti.

A· Central-Western: Imereti, Racha-Lechkhumi, Lower-Svaneti

A· Southern: Meskheti, Javakheti

A· Eastern: Kakheti, Tusheti

A· Central-Eastern: Inner ( Shida ) Kartli, Lower Kartli, Pshav-Khevsureti, Mtiuleti, Khevi

A· Abkhazia

A· South Ossetia

A· Adjaria

Self-identification besides is constructed in connexion to these cultural entities, in the sense that each representative of the part has his/her ain particular characteristics harmonizing to the regional features which are culturally different from each other ; all of them have specific traditions, folklore, outfit, dance etc. ( e.g. people from Svaneti are said to be the most stupid of all population, people from Guria are known as really sharp-minded, holding exceeding sense of wit, good ‘jokers ‘ therefore being a spot frivolous etc. ) . However, Ajarians ( most of them ) unlike the remainder of population are Sunni Muslims. But despite, all of these groups portion common basic values, individuality and linguistic communication.

During historical invasions particularly Ottoman, the important function of salvaging Georgian individuality shifted towards Christian faith and values, which was the cardinal point in the determination to subscribe the Treaty of Giorgievsk, taking to appropriation by Russian Empire. It besides played important function in continuing individuality during the Soviet times. The Georgia individuality spirit during that clip was smartly protected and glorified by the celebrated poets and authors of Georgia ; one of the most important of them was Ilia Chavchavadze and his words: “ Landuage, Motherland, Faith ” – show the feeling and of import facets of individuality of Georgian people.

Symbolism. Historical impact should be underlined in this subdivision. The influence of Asiatic civilization and western one is largely connected historically to Persians and Byzantium. Another convergence is seen between Christian and pagan ( much more hebdomad influence from closer situated Muslim neighbour forms is observed ) .

But today the cultural symbolism more prevarications in “ mythologized reading of tradition that is influenced by self-perception as belonging to European, Christian modern-day society ” .[ 4 ]

Symbolism plays important function in the individuality of Georgians which is normally correlated with work forces ‘s power, ‘men ‘ impressions such as award, pride, self-respect etc. ; cordial reception and guest regard are really of import portion of the Georgian spirit and designation. Important fabulous figures besides holding influence on Georgian designation are Saint George ( state ‘s frequenter ) and Amirani ( Prometeus, but we are non certain whether it is the Georgian name for fabulous hero, or merely another hero analogus to Prometeus ) . Myth about Golden Fleece is closely correlated to Georgia, particularly its western ancient portion of Kolkhida.

The function of adult females in the past. During centuries adult females in Georgian civilization occupied important niche and were respected, unlike Muslim tradition of neighbouring states.

We assume that it was besides routed in the Christian tradition of ‘praising ‘ the adult females ( correlativity with Saint Marry ) and the Saint Nino, which was the 1 who brought Christianity to Georgia in fourth century A.D.

During heathen times the lone mention made about Georgian adult females we know is mentioned in the myth about Argonauts and Golden Fleece, where Medea is adult female from Kolkhida- antediluvian western portion of Georgia.

In the 12 century the Georgia was merely case in point in the whole Caucasus country to hold Queen as the swayer of the State: Queen Tamar ( Bagrationi ) ( 1814-1213 ) ruled, as regarded by Georgians, ‘golden age ‘ and gained repute of wise and ‘outstandingly successful swayer dubbedA ” King of Kings and Queen of Queens ” A by her topics.[ 5 ]

Another of import adult female figure in Georgian history was Queen Ketevan Tsamebuli ( “ the Martyr ” ) , who was the leader of secret rebellion against Ottomans ; but before execution of the plan- to interrupt the Georgian resistance- she was tortured to decease for declining to change over into Muslim faith.

However, in malice of such of import functions of adult females in Georgian history the function of adult females in household was purely patriarchal in sense, as adult male being the breadwinner and agriculturist of land and adult female as a female parent and keeper of the family.

Status of adult females in nowadays Georgia and gender equality issues

During the Soviet Union more or less release of adult females ‘s position has taken topographic point. The displacement from woman-mother and household keeper to woman-worker becomes apparent in this period ; besides the right to claim divorce and abortion is given to a adult female.

After the autumn of Soviet Union Georgia went through several civil wars and efforts of democratisation which created helter-skelter state of affairs towards such issues as favoritism or gender equality ; fundamentally we can state that there were much serious domestic jobs to decide and believe about instead than favoritism and equal right for work forces and adult females. The alteration in political system from autocratic to democracy after the prostration of USSR, by itself is non a warrant of immediate alteration and publicity of gender equalities and non-discrimination ; “ in many instances transitional period brings much more inequalities and worsens the conditions of both, work forces and adult females ” .[ 6 ]

In any instance, we should now specify the significance of favoritism and gender equality which will be our ushers through the paper.

Discrimination definitions in Oxford, Longman, Britannica vocabularies and encyclopaedias:

1. The unfair or damaging intervention of different classs of people, particularly on the evidences of race, age, sex.

2. Recognition and apprehension of the difference between one thing and another

3. The ability to judge what is of high quality ; good judgement or gustatory sensation

In Psychology: the ability to separate between different stimulations: [ as modifier ] : favoritism acquisition ( Oxford )


1. The pattern of handling one individual or group otherwise from another in an unjust manner

2. The ability to acknowledge the difference between two or more things, particularly the difference in their quality:

Age favoritism: unjust intervention of people because they are oldA

Positive favoritism: the pattern of giving a peculiar figure of occupations, topographic points at university etc to people who are frequently treated below the belt because of their race, sex etc.

Rearward favoritism: the pattern of giving unjust intervention to a group of people who normally have advantages, in order to be just to the group of people who were below the belt treated in the pastA

Sexual activity favoritism: A handling people below the belt because they are adult females, or because they are work forces:


“ In psychological science, the ability to comprehend and react to differences among stimulations. It is considered a more advanced signifier of larning thanA generalisation, the ability to comprehend similarities, although animate beings can be trained to know apart every bit good as to generalise.

Application of favoritism processs permits description of the centripetal sharp-sightednesss of research lab animate beings. For illustration, if a Canis familiaris ‘s salivation response was to be conditioned to a ruddy visible radiation by partner offing it with nutrient, while a green visible radiation was intermittently presented ever without nutrient, the Canis familiaris would salivate to ruddy visible radiation but non to green. It so might be inferred that the Canis familiaris discriminated between colourss. If, nevertheless, the brightness of the green visible radiation was varied, a brightness would be discovered to which the Canis familiaris salivated. No sum of extra favoritism preparation with ruddy and green visible radiations would take to differential response. The decision would be that the Canis familiaris is color-blind ( which, in world, Canis familiariss are ) . ”

WithinA sociology, “ favoritism ‘ ” is defined asA prejudicialA intervention of an person based entirely on their rank in a certain group or class. Discrimination is theA existent behaviorA towards members of another group. It involves excepting or curtailing members of one group from chances that are available to other groups.[ 7 ]

TheA United NationsA definition of favoritism includes a statement: “ Prejudiced behaviours take many signifiers, but they all involve some signifier of exclusion or rejection. ”[ 8 ]

So, we can measure that favoritism is single damaging intervention of other people on the footing of their belonging to certain group ; “ cognitive and centripetal capableness to see differentiations and perceive differences betweenA objects, topics, A conceptsA andA forms, or possess exceeding development of theA senses ” .[ 9 ]

However we would wish to concentrate in the paper on gender/ sex favoritism: “ Gender favoritism, or sex favoritism, may be characterized as the unequal intervention of a individual based entirely on that individual ‘s sex. While females have historically laid claim to the call of unequal intervention, modern civil rights Torahs censoring sex favoritism have been construed to protect males every bit good, particularly in the country of employment. ”[ 10 ]

To be precise about favoritism on evidences of sex/ gender, we are to follow farther definition:

Sexual discriminationA – favoritism ( normally in employment ) that excludes one sex ( normally adult females ) to the benefit of the other sex ; Sexism: discriminatory or opprobrious behaviour towards members of the opposite sex.

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