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The issues of gender favoritism in Saudi Arabia earnestly necessitate to be watchful to every adult female out at that place. Public need to understand how vulnerable these Saudi Arabia adult females been populating throughout their whole life and the wretchedness they went through. There is no freedom for them. This happens because of the highly preservation of spiritual civilization. They are non merely being retracted by the Islam jurisprudence, besides by the societal norms and tradition.


I have chosen to concentrate on bias and favoritism against adult females in Saudi Arabia and comparing it with Singapore. The ground why I have chosen this is because I realized in Saudi Arabia, adult females have a pathetic life. They have been categorized by work forces for over many decennaries. Work forces are being more prioritized over adult females in their state in footings of gender, instruction, society which I will be covering in this subject. There is no freedom of address. Their life is being controlled by work forces. Hence there is a demand to convey up this issue to everyone so that the discriminated gender in Saudi Arabia can be reduced and the adult females ‘s quality of life can be improved.

Womans in Saudi Arabia are usually seen have oning dull colors head covering, caput covering and a full black cloak. They must cover the parts of their organic structure except the eyes. The vesture must be thick and baggy which will non involvement male. The ground of dressing so is because no seduction is allowed to work forces.

Harmonizing to Saudi civilization, “ adult females ‘s employment topographic point is at place whereas adult male ‘s is at the workplace. ” Womans are non allowed to pretermit their duties of house jobs.

A new study released by Human Right Watch ( HRW ) , it province that “ Requirements that each female, irrespective of age, be assigned a male guardian – be it a male parent, a hubby, or even a boy – who must give permission for their charges to make everything from travel abroad or locally to analyze, seek medical attention, work and get married efficaciously deprives adult females of their most basic rights and makes their engagement in public life far more hard. ” ( Jim Lobe, 2008 Apr 21 ) Besides in the same article, “ One 40-year-old Saudi adult female, who was divorced from her hubby and whose male parent had died, who had to seek permission from her 23-year-old boy to go outside the land ” ( Jim Lobe, 2008, Apr 21 ) This is an highly absurd information for any Singaporean adult females to believe if this act was to be implemented in Singapore. In normal state of affairs in Singapore, it is normally the kids be it of gender have to seek permission from parents to go forth a state. However in Saudi Arabia, they are being based on gender where work forces have all the authorization over adult females. And in most instances, adult females are needed to be accompanied by a adult male on streets.

It is highly common to see adult females driving on the route in Singapore. Unlike Saudi Arabia, adult females are allowed to have a auto but they are non given the rights to drive. “ Womans can still have autos in Saudi Arabia, but they are banned from driving them. ” ( Associated Press, July 5 2010 ) They are the lone county that does non let adult females to drive. In add-on to such extend, Saudi Arabia adult females really endanger to suckle their male co-workers or work forces that they frequently come in contact with. The ground why they will make so is because they think that by suckling the work forces, it will make a symbolic maternal relation. Within the same article, it besides stated that “ if the adult females give their drivers their chest milk, the chauffeurs would be able to mix with all members of the household without holding to worry about go againsting Islamic jurisprudence. ” In both scenarios, adult females are at disadvantage because despite of suckling those aliens, they are still non allowed to drive. But if they do so, it besides means giving the opportunity for those aliens to tie in with their household members without frights interrupting the Islamic jurisprudence.


Womans are frequently being seen as more inferior as compared to work forces in Saudi Arabia, particularly where the deficiency of instruction farther verifies this. Majority of the adult females are non allowed to go to school merely because of gender. It affects the society as it does non give a good feeling to other states.

Womans in Saudi Arabia do non hold any say in about everything even basic human rights like having medical attention or working. As stated in the first illustration, they must seek permission from their male defender before making so. They are besides being forbidden from take parting in political issues such as election.

Giving work forces the authorization over adult females could intend a higher danger for them. An article stated that “ The power given to male defenders really contributes to adult females ‘s hazard of maltreatment and household force, harmonizing to the study. Even when defenders are found to be opprobrious against their charges, societal workers, physicians, and attorneies who work on such instances told HRW that it was about impossible for their care to be dissolved or transferred. ” ( Jim Lobe, 2008 Apr 21 ) As adult females are considered the deficient 1s in the society, bulk of them are non literate. The lone occupations that are suited for them are those that do non required any accomplishments as such being a domestic worker. In the same article, it besides added that “ Many migratory domestic workers, largely adult females, were kept in extremely opprobrious conditions, being made to work up to 18 hours every twenty-four hours, in some instances for small or no wage. Domestic workers have no protection under Saudi Arabian labor jurisprudence and have small possibility in pattern of obtaining damages against opprobrious or exploitatory employers. The authorities said that a jurisprudence against domestic force was being drafted. ” ( Amnesty International, 2009 ) In most state of affairss, adult females can merely bear with all the wretchedness and experience so incapacitated sing it.

The rate of favoritism in Saudi Arabia is highly high and need to be brought up to everyone. Womans are non given a just opportunity when it comes to employment. ‘Women remained low-level to work forces under household jurisprudence, were denied equal employment chances with work forces, remained banned from driving vehicles or going entirely ‘ ( Amnesty International, 2009 )

Womans tried to protest against the favoritism act that work forces put on them, nevertheless the manner they protest has limited consequence. Such as the incident of being banned from driving, adult females protest it by endangering to suckle the work forces. This behaviour will ne’er go on in Singapore because it is ne’er practiced in here. One adult female who was being interview by the Gulf News said “ Is this all that is left to us to make: to give our chests to the foreign drivers? ” She commented this because she understand even such threaten will merely set adult females at disadvantage.


I believe equal rights exist for everyone regardless of age, gender.

This inequality intervention adult females received is the society is doing adult females to protest.

Although the International commission such as United Nation ( UN ) has already stepped into Saudi Arabia to assist those adult females, however there is still much restriction they can make. “ There is n’t much that can be done by foreigners as it ‘s my belief that sustainable alteration is merely alteration that happens from within. ” ( Eman Fahad Al Nafjan, 2010, September 9 )

In 2001, the UN has a Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women ( CEDAW ) . Its intent was to inquire Saudi Arabia to take action to stop favoritism against adult females in all signifiers. The convention oblige Saudi Arabia “ to prosecute by all appropriate agencies and without detain a policy of extinguishing favoritism against adult females, ” including “ any differentiation, exclusion or limitation made on the footing of sex which has the intent of impairing or invalidating the acknowledgment, enjoyment or exercising by adult females of human rights and cardinal freedoms in the political, economic, societal, cultural, civil or any other field. ” ( Human Rights Watch, 2009 July 8 ) However, this convection has small consequence.

“ The Saudi authorities forfeits basic human rights to keep male control over adult females. Saudi adult females wo n’t do any advancement until the authorities ends the maltreatments that stem from these ill-conceived policies. ” ( Jim Lobe, 2008 Apr 21 ) To stop the wretchedness of adult females, foremost the authorities have to get down their portion. The Islam jurisprudence is the biggest factor doing the limitations for adult females in the state. Work force should halt being chauvinistic and outlook that they are superior, where adult females should be stay home, this mentality needs to be highlighted.

Assorted actions done by the Amnesty International USA of assisting these vulnerable adult females in Saudi Arabia was to make consciousness to people all over the universe about how are they being treated. They even urge readers to direct in entreaties to the Head of Election Committee and the Ministry of Interior to assist these adult females. “ Write to the Head of the Election Committee and the Minister of Interior, naming for adult females in Saudi Arabia to be given their basic cardinal right to cosmopolitan right to vote without hold. ” ( Amnesty International USA, 2004 November )

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