Gen Chem II


Where does it come from?

how do we get it?

what’s it used for?

important roles?

Found in the air

collected by distilling air (cool air way down, then heat it until it’s melting point)

used for removing warts, ammonia (fertilizer and crystal meth), keeping things cold, and to keep things from reacting

oxides of Nitrogen:

N2O-nitrous oxide or dinitrogen monoxide, fuel for racing cars, "laughing gas"

NO- Nitric Oxide, toxic, vasodialator (regulates blood pressure), neurotransmitter, released by Viagra

NO2- Nitrogen dioxide, brown gas, comes from combustion, contributes to Acid Rain


comes from phosphate rocks that are treated with acids

used for fertilizers

important biologically- DNA, RNA, ATP etc

important in detergents-Algae blooms–death of Algae–require oxygen–fish die


21% of air

get it by distilling air

manufacturing steel, medical oxygen tanks,

03- ozone, good and bad

want to use it to sanitize H2O


Frasch process-sulfur is buried underground, pump hot water down into the ground, it melts, and is forced to the surface by air pressure

Sulfuric Acid-most widely used chemical, smells horrible, skunks use sulfur compounds so does garlic and onions


makes tooth enamel more resistant to acid damage

very reactive

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