Gen Chem Chapter 4: Compounds and Stoichiometry

ionic compounds form from elements that
are likely to form ions
molecular compounds form from the
combination of elements of similar electronegativities
combination reaction & examples
two or more reactants form one product; combustion, formation, corrosion
solid burned in the presence of a gas *combination
standard state into a single product *combination
liquid or gas attacks a metal *combination

** must have a metal for a reactant

decomposition reaction:
compounds breaks down into two or more substances
single displacement & example
atom of one compound is replaced by an atom of another element, redox
double displacement & example
elements from two different compounds displace each other to form two new compounds, neutralization, precipitation
acid + base –> salt and water * DD rxn
another name for double displacement reactions
metathesis rxns
when the quantities of two reactants are given…
you are dealing with a limiting reactant problem!
percent yield =
specific gravity is
g/cm^3 or g/mL
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