Gen Chem Chapter 11: Redox

salt bridge
permits the exchange of cations and anions– prevents build up of charge on a or c
chose a salt bridge whose ions
will not react with the electrodes or with the ions in solution
faradays constant
10^5 C/mol of electrons
anode of a galvanic cell is
anode of an electrolytic cell is
cathode of a galvanic cell is
cathode of an electrolytic cell is
electrons flow
anode to cathode
RED ___
AN ___
method for determining reduction potential of a cell as a whole:
1. write both rxns as reductions (electrons on left)
2. subtract the lower number from the higher one bc the higher one is more likely to be reduced
a higher reduction potential is
more likely to be reduced
delta G and delta E are ____ related
if Delta G is positive
delta E is negative
if delta G is negative
delta E is positive
equation to calculate the total charge transferred:
nernst equation:
E= Eo – .592/n (log (Q))
the nernst equation relates the cell’s emf to the
concentration of the species inolved
the nernst equation can be used to determine
the emf as the reaction progresses or when concentrations deviate from the standard state
Eocell =
Eo cathode -Eo anode
deltaGo =
always use gibbs free energy in joules when dealing with
faradays constant
voltmeter that draws no current—gives a more accurate reading of difference in potential between two electrodes
ln of greater than one is
ln of less than one is
the more positive the reduction potential the ___ likely the reaction is to occur
normality =
number of ions * molarity
mass of an element produced at the cathode or anode of an electrolytic cell varies directly with
the current!
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