GCU Degrees- Business Management

Bachelor of Arts in English (Professional Writing)
Journalism, Publishing, Technical Writing, Public Relations, Advertising Writing
Bachelor of Arts in Government (Legal Studies)
Paralegal, Administration in criminal and civil law, Pre-Law School
Bachelor of Arts in Government (State and Local Public Policy)
Public Administrator role for creating policy, non-profits, private and corporate space
Bachelor of Science in Accounting
Public accountant, Corporate accountant, Financial analyst, Tax preparer, Auditor
Bachelor of Science in Applied Business Analytics
Business analyst, Business Intelligence Analyst, Data analyst, Business analytics manager, Business intelligence manager
Bachelor of Science in Applied Business Information Systems
systems analyst, database administrator, network and computer systems administrator or business analyst
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
entry-level manager, director or leader in all types of business and service organizations
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Business Intelligence)
analyst, project manager, quality assurance specialist or e-business and m-business solution manager
Bachelor of Science in Business for Secondary Education (Leads to Initial Teacher Licensure)
Middle school instructor, high school business teacher, education consultant or adolescent program director
Bachelor of Science in Business Information Systems
Computer systems analyst, Database Administrator, Network and Computer System Administrator, Computer and Information Systems manager
Bachelor of Science in Business Management
Entrance into multiple fields- business organizations, schools, government, hospitality, marketing
Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurial Studies
Business owner, manager, consultant and planner. Corporate business, start up organizations, consulting agencies, and government associations
Bachelor of Science in Finance and Economics
Microeconomic and marketing concepts, construction of financial statements, fundamentals of business finance, strategic management
Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration
Management roles in health care organizations, administration positions in hospitals, clinics, long term care facilities, outpatient facilities, physician offices, mental health organizations, insurance companies, and public and health agencies
Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management
Handles marketing, economics, hospitality, legal and ethic issues, human resources, revenue generation
Bachelor of Science in Justice Studies
Criminal and Civil Law, court administration, policing and regulation across a variety of disciplines. (within government, investigative organizations, public service agencies, private legal practice)
Bachelor of Science in Marketing
entry-level management positions in corporate marketing or brand management
Bachelor of Science in Sports Management
works with youth, amateur, club, interscholastic, intercollegiate and professional levels of sport. Major job category areas include sports business merchandise and retail, sports sales, marketing suppliers, media, live events, facilities, entrepreneurship and athletic administration
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