Gathering Marketing Intelligence: The Systems Approach (Ch.2)

Expert System
A computer based, artificial intelligence system that attempts to model how experts in the area process information to solve the problem at hand.
Data Mining
The use of powerful analytic technologies to quickly and throughly explore the mountains of data to obtain useful information.
Knowledge Management
The systematic collection of employee knowledge about customers, products, and the marketplace.
What is the basic task of the DSS?
To capture relevant marketing data in reasonable deal and to put those data in a truly accessible form.
data-driven decision support system
collects and sores data from internal and external sources. It creates the database.
model driven decision support system
consists of routines that all the user to manipulate data in order to analyze them as desired. It is the analytical component.
dialong driven decision support system
serves as the user interface permitting marketers to use the system models to produce reports based on criteria they specify themselves
List an example of knowledge management:
At one company employees can jot down insights using pencil and paper and pass them along to the knowledge management staff to be entered into the system.
List an example of data mining:
Coaches in the NBA used this to sort through game statistic to determine their most productive combination of players and measure the effectiveness of individual players on the team.
Systems approach
relies on the continual monitoring of the firm’s activities, competitors, and environment.
Project approach
focuses on the in-depth, but not recurring study of specific problem or condition.
Marketing Information System
set of procedures and methods for the regular, planned collection, analysis, and presentation of information for use in marking decisions.
Decision support system
expands the capabilities of an marketing information system, by including tools that allow users to interact with the system to produce customized information as opposed to standardized reports.
Identify the components of a decision support system:
data-driven system
model driven system
dialog driven system

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