gases and gas laws

Gases consist of hard, spherical particles, usually ____or____.
atoms or molecules
GAs particles are so small that they have negligible volumes and there is _____between particles.
large empty space
All collisions are perfectly_____.
What does that mean “all collisions are perfectly elastic”?
total kinetic energy is constant, no loss of kinetic energy in collisions
The large empty spaces means gases are_____.
What are three factors that affect gas pressure?
amount of gas, volume, temperature
You use the kinetic theory to explain what?
how gas responds to change of condition
GAs pressure is a result of______.
collisions of gas particles with the container
Increasing the amount of gas increases the number of_____whhich increases_____.
collisions; pressure
Pressure is directly proportional to?
the amount of gas
What are the two types of fluids?
liquids and gases
Fluids always flow from regions of ____to _____.
high pressure to low pressure
Pressure is inversely proportional to____. Presure is directly proportional to _____. If volume is halved, pressure is ____. If volume is doubled pressure is _____.
volume; gas; double; halved
What happens as particles absorb thermal energy?
speed and kinetic energy increase
Doubling kelvin temperature does what to the pressure?
doubles it
At any tempertuare the product of pressure times volume is_____.
a constant
At constant pressure, the volume of a fixed mass of gas is directly proportional to it its______. What is the formula for this?
kelvin temperature; v one over t one =  v 2 over t 2
What is the forumula for the combined gas law?
p(1) x v(1)/t (1) = p(2) x v(2)/t(2)
What is the formula for the ideal gas law?
p x v = n x r x t
What is the difference between ideal gases and real gases?
real gases can be liquified and ideals gases cannot
Whenever you have equal volumes of gases at the same temperature and pressure you also have equal numbers of_____.
_____is the process in which a gas escapes through a tiny hole in a container.
Do gases with lower molecular mass or hgih molecular mass effuse faster?
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