Gaseous State

Ideal Gas Equation
PV = nRT
Boyle’s Law
PV = k
Charle’s Law
V/T = k
Gaylussac’s law
Ideal Gas Equation on Density
Ideal Gas Equation on Concentration
R value
0.0821 li atm K-1 Mol-1
8.314 J K-1 mol -1
8.314 * 10^7 erg K-1 mol-1
Graham’s Law of Diffusion
R1/R2 = sqrt(D2 / D1) = sqrt(M2 / M1Ki)
Kinetic gas Eqn
PV = 1/3m N C^2
m = mass of each molecule
N = number of molecules
C = RMS velocity of each molecule
Average KE of 1 mole
3/2 * PV = 3/2 * RT

(since n = 1)

Average KE of each molecule
(3/2 R T) / Na

divide KE of 1 mole by Avagadro’s number

Boltzman’s Constant
R/Na = 1.33 * 10^-23 J K-1 molecule-1derived from:Avg KE of each Molecule = (3/2 R T)/Na
Average Velocity
C Bar (C with dash above it) = sqrt(8 R T / pi M)
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