Gas Laws

For gas laws

what is the unit for


2. temp

1. L or ml


give formula for average molecular speed of a gas

KE= 1/2 mv2

= 3/2 kT

give the formula for root mean square speed


R=8.325 J/K.mol

Mass = kg/mol

T = must be converted to Kelvin

what is Graham’s law?

based on:

heavier gases diffuse more slowly than lighter gases b/c of their differing average speeds.

Graham: the rates of gases at which gas diffuse are inversely proportional to the square root of their molar masses.

formula for graham’s law
r1 /r2 =√M2/ M1

which gas will move faster:

Gas A:  mass 1kg at 20k

Gas B: mass 3kg at 5K


gas A 

b/c it at a higher temp

smaller size

Write ideal gas law including units



V= L


R=8.315 J (K.mol)/ 0.0821 (L* atm)



Rearrange the ideal law to find changes in temp,pressure,volume, where moles is held constant

P1V1  =     P2V2

T1      T2

Rearrange the ideal law to solve for V2 , where  temp ,pressure have a before and after value

(moles are held constant)

V2=V1 (P1/ P2) (T1 / T2)
Formula how to calculate the molar mass of a gas using the density of a gas at STP

M=dstp/ 22.4stp



where vol is 22.4

d= density

How do real gases behave during changes  in pressure?

extremly high pressure?

as pressure rises:

particles come closer & condense into liquid


extremly high pressure:

gas’s volume becomes bigger

How do real gases behave during decreases ; ;in temp? (2)

as temp decrease:;

gas condense into a liquid state

volume decreases

what is the ;name of the equation that is used when a gas ;doesnt follow gas laws?
van der waals
write the van der waals equation

(P + n2 a ) ; (V-nb) ;



= nRT

If the molar mass of gas is increased, what occurs?;

Is this behavior ideal?

; molecular mass=; collisions

=;; interactions

;less ideal


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