Garder Multiple Intelligence

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Howard Gardner, defined ‘Intelligence’ as; A physiological potential to process information that can be activated in a cultural setting to solve problems or create products that are of value in a culture. Howard Gardner proposed that the entire human species possesses not Just one single type of intelligence, but rather many different intelligences. Gardner suggested that there are 8 categories of intelligence: Linguistic, Bodily-Callisthenic, Visual-spatial, Interpersonal, Interpersonal and Naturalistic.

Howard Gardener calls these intelligences, Multiple Intelligences. He also states that everyone possesses parts of these eight intelligences, but not everyone has the same amount of each. For example, both individuals have Linguistic Intelligence however one may have a higher intelligence than another in this same category. Gardener also suggested that these intelligences come from deferent specific parts of the brain. The aim of the experiment Is to determine what types of multiple Intelligences an Individual possesses.

It Is hypothesized that Howard Gardeners Multiple Intelligence Activity will accurately predict which intelligence the participant is stronger in, and which intelligences the participant is weaker in. METHOD Materials: Gardener’s Multiple Intelligences Procedure: On the acuity sheet, tick which box accurately applies as your answer to the specific quest_ Keep doing this until all questions are answered as correctly as possible. ; When you have finished your questions, add up the total number for each type of intelligence. The highest score is the intelligence you are stronger in, and the lowest score is the intelligence you are weaker in.

RESULTS Results for this experiment are In the Appendices (In a graph and table). DISCUSSION The activity did accurately predict which intelligences this particular participant had strengths and weaknesses in. According to the participant, Spatial Intelligence was indeed her highest ability and Logical Mathematical was her lowest. A possible extraneous variable could be mood on that particular day of the activity. If a participant is having a day of low self esteem, they could rate themselves lower than they normally would.

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