Gallegos Ch 4,5,6 study guides

Used gold foil experiment to discover nucleus
Used Plum Pudding Model
Used cathode ray tube to discover electron
Used Oil Drop Experiment to determine the Charge of an electron
Declared that Atoms are the smalleds particles of matter
Stated all things are made of atoms over 2000 years ago
Proposed idea that electrons travel around the Nucleus in orbitals
Elecrons occupy orbitals of the same energy in a way that makes the # of Electrons as high as possible
Hunds rule
to ability of an atom to attract electrons
electrons occupy orbitals of the lowest energy first
Aufbau Principle
A horizontal row of elements
The Arangement of electrons around the atom
Electron Configuration
Atomic Orbital
Math Expression used to figure out where the electrons might be found
Ionization Energy
The Energy required to remmove an electron from an atom
An orbital may only have 2 electrons
Pauli Exclusion Principle
very unreactive group of elements
Noble Gases
A vertical column of elements
Atomic Radius
1/2 the distance between two joined atoms
Energy Level
The Specific energies an electron in an atom or other system can have
Periodic Law
When Elements are arranged by atomic number, there are repitition of properties
Have Properties of Metals and nonmetals
What is Mendeleev Famous for?
created a periodic table, but it was arranged by mass
Are negative or positive ions bigger
Negative, because it has to gain electrons
What are the names of the Groups with an A at the end?
Representative elements

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