Future Course ( Engineering)

When I was young, I had a dream that looking for a purpose for my life and because I want to fulfill them in the future. Before, I would like to be a teacher for high school because I think it would be a lot of fun in a way or be an elementary teacher because I love kids. Also wanted to be an accountant before because really liked math and counting moneys. But now that I am being matured, din ‘t expect that would love to study different units of engineering soon.

Since secondary school began, Vive been interested in Chemistry and Computing. Because am also interested on Mathematics and Physics, I want o choose a course that combines all or most Of my favorite subjects. This course is very interesting because of its subjects and about what will I do to be successful at it. I am clueless about what should I do whenever I become an Engineer in the future but I am sure for that course.

My cousin is an Engineer graduate and she told me, “Don’t go into Engineering because of money, to be a successful Engineer you must love your course not just like the subjects”. I should know that I am smart, have strength and to pursue my course even if it is hard. You must be able to finish al the requirements and graduate but that is just a small part of being success. Don’t know what the easy course are but I guess that my best goal is to go into something I’m actually in.

Just hope for the best and do it with courage. As soon as I finish my course, will find a good job for me. I can help my family by it. Can make my family more ease to life. My parents would be proud to me so much. You will make all of these by trying it so hard and if you have trust on yourself that you will be success on it. Just remember, “Engineering is a hard major but can provide you a lifetime of rewards to it matches your interests and talents”.

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