Functions of Travel Management Company

travel agency
type of retail business that usually sells travel-related products and services to customers in coordination with different suppliers
provision of info and expertise
travelers always look for information on the destination country prior to travel
travel management company
provides enough travel information
where travel information is available most of the time
preparation of itineraries, products, and services
travel management companies should provide a mode of transpo, airline sched, hotel accommodation, and activities depending on client’s expectations, interest, preference and budget
provision of assistance in getting travel documents
travelers who do not have the necessary documents for travel are given assistance by the travel management company for a fee
processing travel arrangements
done by travel management companies in behalf of the suppliers is to provide and process reservations, confirmations, e-tickets, and tour vouchers
what the traveler becomes as he/she is captured as indicated by the completion of travel transactions
provision of assistance in cases of refunds and cancellations
travel management companies provide the clients assistance in cases of refunds and cancellation of travel arrangement due to unavoidable circumstances
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