Functionalism Conflict Theory And Symbolic Interactionism Sociology Essay Essay

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Harmonizing to theA functionalist position, besides calledA functionalism, each facet of society is mutualist and contributes to society ‘s operation as a whole. The authorities, or province, provides instruction for the kids of the household, which in bend wages revenue enhancements on which the province depends to maintain itself running. In the procedure, the kids become observant, taxpaying citizens, who in bend support the province. If all goes good, the parts of society green goods order, stableness, and productiveness. If all does non travel good, the parts of society so must accommodate to recapture a new order, stableness, and productiveness. For illustration, during a fiscal recession with its high rates of unemployment and rising prices, societal plans are trimmed or cut. Schools offer fewer plans. Families tighten their budgets. Functionalists believe that society is held together byA societal consensus, or coherence, in which members of the society agree upon, and work together to accomplish, what is best for society as a whole.

Conflict Theory

Conflict theory provinces that human behavior in society consequences from struggles between viing groups. The struggle position, which originated chiefly out of Karl Marx ‘s thoughts and ideas of category battles, nowadayss society in a different visible radiation than the other positions. Besides, struggle position focuses on the negative, conflicted and ever-changing nature of society. Conflict theory encourages societal alteration and societal revolution. Today, struggle theories find societal struggles between any groups in which the potency for inequality exists such as race, gender, spiritual, political, economic sciences and etc. The changeless competition between groups forms the footing for the struggle theory nature of society. The chief subject of struggle theory is that different societal group have unequal power, though all groups struggle for the same limited resources. Furthermore, struggle theory has been used to explicate diverse human behavior and societal alteration.

Interaction Theory

The symbolic interaction position, besides called symbolic interactionism, is a major model of sociological theory. This perspective relies on the symbolic significance that people develop and rely upon in the procedure of societal interaction. Symbolic interaction theory analyzes society by turn toing the subjective significances that people impose on objects, events, and behaviours. Subjective significances are given primacy because it is believe that people behave based on what they believe and non merely on what is objectively true. Therefore, society is thought to be socially constructed through human reading. People interpret one another ‘s behaviour and it is these readings that form the societal bond.

Case survey ( Functionalism and Conflict theory )


Functionalists regard everything in society as holding a map, like the variety meats in the human organic structure, everything works together for the whole. Poverty, harmonizing to Functionalists has two chief maps.

First, it acts as a incentive in the sense that it provides a warning. Peoples are likely to desire to work harder and win in life if there is a ground. What better ground than non desiring to stop up in poorness.

Poverty besides creates a sort of “ experience good factor ” . We all need to be able to mensurate how good we are making and besides experience that all this difficult work is worth it. Take one expression at people in poorness and you realise that it is and in fact you are making good, it could be worse.

Harmonizing to most Marxists, poorness is a direct consequence of the Capitalist system ( construction ) and therefore struggle. Capitalism needs competition for it to work efficaciously. Education helps to make competition by holding a hierarchy of makings. Not everyone will lift to the highest degree where the wages are greatest so competition is high. Similarly, non everyone can hold a well paid occupation, so people will work harder to accomplish higher wages and societal position. Peoples are as aware of the monetary value of failure ( poorness ) as they are of the wagess of success ( wealth ) .

Poverty has another great benefit for capitalist economy every bit good as making motive for competition, it keeps ages low. Equally long as there are hapless and unemployed people, rewards stay low. A modesty ground forces of unemployed agencies that people are barely traveling to demand higher rewards when they know that there are people below them who will work for less, they could monetary value themselves out of the market.

So, poorness, like everything else in society serves the demands of capitalist economy, it arises from struggle and it is portion of the very construction of society.

Case survey for Symbolic Interaction

Symbolic Interactionism looks that the manner things are perceived to be in a society. I.E. The symbol of female parent instead so beget, or the symbol of worker instead so proprietor. The manner people understand these ‘symbols ‘ is critical to understanding how society maps. The symbols within a matrimony peculiarly related to the type of work hubbies and married womans traditionally did is an of import starting point. Men traditionally either worked in the Fieldss ( pre-industrial age ) or labored someplace else returning place with money to back up the household, while adult females stayed at place, raised the kids, cooked the nutrient, and cleaned the house. These represent the traditional symbols of hubby and married woman. However, the existent undertakings that work forces and adult females do in the modern age are different. Now it is common for both hubby and married woman to work. Yet as we see from the aforesaid statistics the symbols of adult females ‘s work have non changed to run into the new age. Men continue to avoid making undertaking such as cookery and cleansing. This inequality, is holding an impact on the household and it is largely negative. With higher divorce rates, there is a direct correlativity between the manner we view the functions in a marriage/family and the overall wellness of said household. Clearly the manner we presently view the gender functions and duties within a matrimony needs to alter. The stigmas held about work forces making things that were traditionally adult females ‘s demand to be removed.

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