functional and patient management protocols

functional protocols determine how?
procedural elements of care of carried out
functional protocols cover tasks and team procedures such as?
giving X-rays and injections, surgical operations, and rehab services
functional protocols are usually?
written but often carried out by memory
functional protocols are major contributors to?
patient safety
most failures are traced back to?
incomplete or overlooked functional protocols
functional protocols are designed to? (3)
-ensure than an activity will have desired outcome
-provide basis for teamwork
-and simplify and standardize medical records
good functional protocols have what components? (9)
authorization/indication/counterindications/actions/recordings/followups/required supplies and equipment
patient management protocols are?
the steps or process of care for a group of patients at a specific institution
patient management protocols are also called?
pathways or guidelines
patient management protocols are organized around?
episodes of patient care
patient management protocols are classified by?
symptom/disease or conditions such as chest pain, pneumonia or pregnancy
patient management protocols are developed by?
cross functional teams
patient management protocols specify?
the outcomes, quality goals and cost of care

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