FTCE Elem. Ed. Math

Question Answer
Subitizing To see a small amount of objects and be able to instantly know how many
Iteration Repitition of a process
Accuracy Correctness
Automaticity The ability to retrieve math facts automatically
3 stages of math fluency 1. Figure out math facts2. Remember math facts 3. Develop speed and accuracy
Flexibility Using multiple strategies to get the same answer
Equal groups Groups that have the same number of items. Used for multiplication.
Repeated addition Adding the same number again and again to find the answer to a multiplication problem.
Arrays Arrangement of objects, pictures or numbers in rows. Used for multiplication.
Prime numbers A prime number can only be divided by 1 and itself
Composite numbers A composite number can be divided by 1, by itself, and by other numbers.
Reflexive property a=a
Symmetric property If a=b then b=a
Transitive property If a=b and b=c then a=c
Commutative property a+b = b+a
Associate property a+(b+c) = (a+b) + c
Identity property a+0 = a and ax1 = a
Inverse property a-a = 0
Distributive property a (b+c) = ab + ac
Mean absolute deviation The distance from data points to the mean on a number line
How many grams is a paper clip? 1 gram
How many kilograms is a liter of water? 1 kilogram
Integers Positive and negative numbers and zero
Whole numbers All counting numbers and zero
Natural numbers All counting numbers but not zero
Irrational numbers Cannot be expressed as a fraction for any two integers. Have decimal expansions that are infinite but non-repeating
Range The difference between the largest and smallest number in a set
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