In the case of the franchiser Alpha Graphics discussed in the text, the main cause of the conflict with franchisees probably stemmed from:
Communication difficulties.
Franchisors have the right to tell franchisees how to market products because of the franchise contract. In this case, franchisors are emphasizing the use of:
Legitimate power.
More congruent roles should lead to:
More cooperative and efficient channels.
Webster’s phases in the development of a partnership arrangement include:
A statement of each partner’s specific tasks and role in the partnership.
Distribution programming may be defined as:
A comprehensive program for the promotion of a product through the channel.
A detailed statement covering the manufacturer’s policies in most of the relevant areas of its relationship with channel members is referred to as a:
Programmed merchandising agreement.
A typical Programmed Merchandising Agreement contains all of the following major categories except:
Capital requirement plan.
Which of the following is not typically mentioned as an advantage of distributor advisory councils?
They enable channel members to engage in price maintenance.
The relationships between Procter & Gamble and Wal-Mart, Black & Decker and its distributors, and Rust-Oleum and its distributors all are examples of:
Strategic alliances.
A partnership in the context of marketing channels is __________ legal partnership.
not related to a
Before the channel manager can successfully motivate the channel members, he or she must:
Attempt to learn about channel member needs and problems.
All of the following are direct-flow information media in a channel communication system except:
Trade journals.
Typically, the larger the producer or manufacturer, the higher the __________ power bases available to it.
reward and coercive
Large retailers tend to have ________ power over their smaller manufacturers or suppliers.
high levels of reward
Which of the following generalizations about conflict is not true?
Studies have found that leadership styles do not have an impact in creating conflict.
Which of the following is not an issue that needs to be addressed in e-alliances?
Gathering information about alliance members’ operations
Retailers are often willing to adhere to the wishes of large manufacturers such as Procter & Gamble and General Foods because these companies sell brands of products that are in great demand by consumers. These large manufacturers are in a position to emphasize the use of:
Reward power.
A wholesaler and retailer have become embroiled in conflict over attempts by the wholesaler’s sales force to help the retailer display its products. The retailer views this sales force as a nuisance that interferes with customer service. There seems to be a problem of:
Perceptual differences.
Clayton Products, Inc. is considering establishing a Distributor Advisory Council. It can expect that this council will provide all of the following advantages except:
Be quite simple to set up and require little ongoing management.
The term securing the cooperation of channel members suggests that:
Administrative actions by the channel manager are necessary to develop channel member cooperation.
Which of the following is not an input to achieving distribution objectives?
Consumer demand for products
Distribution programming is the __________ form of channel member support.
most comprehensive
SEA Publishing and Kate’s Bookstores are embroiled in conflict over who should establish retail prices. The conflict likely is the result of:
Decision domain disagreements.
Ethan Allen Interiors Inc., cited in the text, best illustrates the _____________ approach to motivating channel members.
distribution programming approach
Conflict in marketing channels is often caused by all of the following except:
A focus on object centered behavior.
The relationship between channel conflict and channel performance is expressed in terms of:
Channel efficiency.
In order to select the right power bases to use, the channel manager needs to know:
All of the above.
The greater the degree of optimization in carrying out a distribution objective:
The higher is the level of channel efficiency.
In resolving channel conflict, the channel manager should:
Consider a “peace conference” to jointly solve the problem.
A recent study of marketing channels in China found:
That Chinese beer distributors had similar perceptions of power as their western counterparts.
The vehicle for all interactions among channel members is:
With regard to coercive power, available evidence suggests that:
The use of coercive power is likely to lead to a higher incidence of conflict in the channel.
The Cisco Systems’ example cited in the textbook showed that Cisco:
Used training and certification of dealers to lead in the channel.
According to the text, the concept of role is of use to the channel manager because it:
Provides him/her with insight into the constraints under which channel members operate.
According to the text, research studies dealing with channel members conducted by the manufacturer are:
Relatively rare.
Virtually all of the policy options for developing a distribution programming arrangement can be categorized into the following three major groups:
Price concessions, financial assistance, and protection.
Which of the following is not one of McVey’s propositions about the behavior of intermediaries?
The intermediary is a link in a chain forged by the manufacturer.
The first step in developing a distribution program is an analysis by the manufacturer of __________ and the level of support the manufacturer needs from channel members.
marketing objectives
Which of the following is not one of the methods suggested for learning about channel member needs and problems?
Channel inspection tours
A distribution programming approach to motivating channel members means:
A comprehensive set of policies for the promotion of product through the channel.
Which of the following is not a useful approach to resolving channel conflict?
The use of an authoritarian leadership style by the channel manager.
Conflict between Burger King and its franchisees has occurred because:
Burger King franchisees were forced to set low prices for some menu items.
Wal-Mart stays in touch with Procter & Gamble by all of the following except:
Daily meetings between managers of both companies.
___________ is the term used to describe strategic alliances that are formed as a part of an Internet strategy.
_____________ occur when publishers want to sell as much of their product as possible through Amazon.com and when Amazon.com wants to sell as much merchandise as possible from all sources.
Goal incompatibilities
Many manufacturers will listen to retailers’ product demands because retailers are knowledgeable about consumer needs. Such retailers are in a good position to emphasize the use of:
Expert power.
The partnership approach as applied to the marketing channel means a:
Supportive relationship between channel members based on a careful delineation of their mutual roles in the channel.
Competition is different than conflict because:
In competition the parties do not try to impede each other’s goal attainment.
The underlying theme of the relationship among channel members presented in the text stresses:
The underlying basis of all attempts to provide leadership in the channel is:

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