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In lines 1 -14, what detail does Gonzales focus on when he describes Juliane’s fall from the airplane? How can you tell he finds this detail interesting?
The detail that Gonzales chooses to focus on when describing Koepcke’s fall from LANSA Flight 508 was that she wasn’t panicking, but drinking in everything that surrounded her as she fell. She even commented on what the trees looked like below her. Gonzales finds this interesting because he expected Koepcke to begin screaming and crying because of her circumstance, but she didn’t which fascinated him.
What comparison does Gonzales make in lines 60 – 76? How does this comparison support one of his main points?
The comparison that Gonzales makes about Koepcke surviving supports his point that one must have a positive mental state. The difference between Koepcke and everyone else is that she tried to actually do something about her situation, while the others waited for someone to come and find them.
Reread lines 67 – 89. What connection does Gonzales make between the experience of passengers in the plane and the anecdote about the World Trade Center disaster?
The connection that Gonzalez makes between the experience of the passengers in the plane and the anecdote about the World Trade center disaster is that following the rules in a tedious survival situation is not always the best idea, as shown in the attacks on the World Trade Center. This also happened during the plane crash, as everyone chose to stay put, while Koepcke chose to get help.
What evidence does Gonzales cite to prove the point that survival is not always a matter of luck or preparation?
Evidence that Gonzalez cites to prove that survival is not always a matter of luck or preparation is that a positive mental state is what will get you out alive. If someone gives up and succumbs to darkness, they will die, no ifs ands or buts.
Gonzales relates an anecdote about pilots who undergo survival training and get stranded in the snow (lines 179 – 190, 231 – 261). What important truths about survival are revealed by the anecdote?
The important truths that are revealed by the anecdote are that once apathy settles in it can be fatal, in order to survive you need someway to bring your spirits up due to fatigue, and you must have faith that you will be able to survive your situation.
Gonzales provides information on survival rituals in different cultures. How does this relate to Kerns’s ideas on Positive Mental Attitude? How does it relate to Gonzales’s statement that “Cool is the ultimate American conception of the survival model”?
The information that Gonzales provides on survival rituals in different cultures relates to Kern’s ideas about a positive mental state because both of the cultures he spoke about used mental conditioning and positive thinking in order to survive anything, much like Kerns and his positive mental state.
What does Gonzales’s analysis of survival lead him to conclude about why some people seem to have an amazing ability to survive life-threatening situations against all odds, while others seem to just give up? In other words, what is his central idea?
Gonzales’ analysis of survival lead him to conclude that your mental state and how you plan to go about your situation is what will make you or break you. If you sit down, give up, and have a negative attitude, allowing yourself to succumb to darkness, you will not survive. If you keep your cool and refuse to give up, you will survive. It is as simple as that.

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