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f Maycomb Kill Mockingbird essaysThe Families of Maycomb

In the novel there are two families in the town of Maycomb that are very different. The Cunningham’s and the Ewells have contrasting and opposite reputations. The Cunningham’s are very respected in the town while the Ewells very much despised by the community. The Cunningham’s show the respectability of hard worker or, where as Ewells are considered lazy. Miss Maudie is another character in the town who lives next to the Finch family. She is similar to the Cunningham’s because she is a trusted figure who faces hard times very bravely and works hard in her garden.

The Cunningham’s have pride, and are very respected by the citizen’s of Maycomb County. The Cunningham’s are given special privileges because there trusted. For example the Cunningham’s paid Atticus Finch, a lawyer, for some legal work that Atticus did with their farm. They paid him not with money, but with food, and other services. The population of Maycomb County accepted this form of payment because they knew that the family had no money but was very honest, and extremely hard working. The Cunningham’s would never take anything that they couldn’t payback equally or with greater something of value. They were always considerate and would help you, and never consider about what was in it for them. The Cunningham’s renewed their resources by doing this, people were glad to help them.

The Ewells were very different from the Cunningham’s. Bob Ewell was a total drunk. He took what money he earned or stole and he drank it away. Mr. Ewell very rarely or if ever bought or cooked for his family a hot and total nutritious meal in his life. The Ewells used up the resources of the community. They scrounged around taking, and taking from others. People were disgusted when they helped the Ewells. The Ewells were liars, and were too ashamed to stop the slandering of Tom Robinson before it came uncontrollable, costing Tom his life.

Miss Maudie is a neighbor to the Finch Family. She shows more qualities of the Cunningham’s and was a role model. Maudie respects others and minds her own business. She worked in her yard during the daytime and spent her evening on her front porch. Miss Maudie’s house burned down on a cold night. Even when she sees that her prize flowers were first frozen and then charred by the fire she offers a cheerful comment about wanting a larger garden and a smaller house. She remained cheerful despite the setback. Miss Maudie was a good friend who was trusted because she never told on the children.

This novel shows that hard work, pride, and honesty are difficult and tough to maintain, but these traits are important and respected. It maybe easier to beg and mooch like the Ewells, but sooner or later people get tired of the beggars and moochers when they have no where to turn, they lie and cheat and quickly their life becomes corrupt, much like the Ewell’s.

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